4 Tips to Save your Skin While Traveling

4 Tips to save your skin while traveling


Do you love to travel, but hate what it does to your skin? Us too. 

Every time I travel my skin gets dry, flakey or breaks out, that is until I started following these 4 tips religiously. I admit, I used to judge people on the plane with their face masks and think they were high maintenance, truth is, they were onto something. Here's 4 simple tips to save your skin while traveling: 

  1. Pack your fav HYDRATING skincare products in your carry-on. Because airplane conditions have such low humidity, it’s especially important to hydrate. 

Travel Safe Product suggestion: Evio Skin Rejuvenating Mask, Evio Skin Revitalizing Serum, Evio Skin Refreshing Cleansing Wipes (All safe for travel size restrictions!) 

2. Drink LOTS of water, LOTS.

At high altitudes, air is dryer and the oxygen content is lower. For every hour on a plane, you should drink 0.2 to 0.4 litres of water.

3. GO BARE... Take it all off.  Wash your face.

Flying increases your exposure to bacteria from surfaces like the seat, tray tables, and even magazines and trapped in the low circulation air; clean off germs and makeup to avoid clogged pores.

TIP: Bring hydrating wipes with you on the plane to wash your face, and wash down your tray and entertainment system.  

Travel Safe Product Suggestion:  Evio Skin Refreshing Cleansing Wipes

 4. Use SERUMS / OILS rather than a moisturizer.  

Serums & oils penetrate the skin more deeply, rejuvenate the skin and enhance its texture from within. Allowing their active ingredients to combat free radical damage, skin pigmentation, ageing, acne and scarring by delivering nutrients and vitamins right into the skin cells.

Travel Safe Product Suggestion:  Evio Skin Revitalizing Serum

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