What Toronto has to say about legalization of topicals



 The Evio street team took to Queen West in Toronto to give out free rolling papers and ask people how they felt about the new regulation and legalization about topicals. Here's what we learned...

  1. 83% of people didn’t know that topicals are going to be legalized 
  2. 92% of people were very excited, including someone who on a scale of 1-10 said: "OMG 12 out of 10"
  3. People who didn't know much about cannabis were neutral 
  4. 13% of people were surprised 
  5. 8% of people who use cannabis for pain relief were very excited for creams to reduce pain 
  6. 21% of people were just excited that cannabis is legal and anything that had to do with cannabis was exciting for them
  7. No one was upset/angry or gave a negative response about it

Overall most people were excited about topicals being legalized even when they weren't aware of the legalization prior to our interaction with them. 


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