7 Clever Protest Signs That Got the Point Across

7 Clever Protest Signs That Got the Point Across

The Black Lives Matter Protests has sparked quite the interest from onlookers. The fact that people of all races have come together to condemn the murder of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor has been likened to a modern-day revolution.

A large part of these demonstrations has been the signs that the protesters carry. Most of these signs have turned out to be symbols of creativity with protester displaying their originality and wit.

5 clever protest signs from the Black Lives Matter demonstrations, that got the point across with just a couple words! 


F*$K the System

Source: Mutual boo Twitter 


Your Mom’s A Farming Tool

Source: Ducks the Great Twitter 


Racism Is Like COVID-19

Source: The RaDR Twitter 


RIP Tamir Rice

Source: Lindsey Wasson Twitter



The World Is Sick

Source: Aimeetoons Twitter 



Judging Protesters Is Oppressive

 Source: Your Anon Case Twitter 



Make a Conscious Effort

 Source: Joicevieraa Twitter 



Rosie Said No

Source: Oaktree_David Twitter 


Love Every Inch 

Source: Kettugerbiili Twitter