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3 Conscious Replacements to Try This Month


In our last discussion on conscious living, we talked about the five areas in which you can live consciously. These five areas were:

  1. Eat and Drink
  2. Purchase
  3. Read
  4. Watch
  5. Love


However, despite our in-depth introduction in the world of conscious living, we didn't touch on the more practical actions you can take to be more mindful. We didn't offer you are a clear-cut guide of what you should do, and for that reason, we decided to make this post.


For this post, you will be shown the three major areas you can make replacements that will immediately transition you into living a more conscious lifestyle.


1. Instead of Complacency, Try Self-Expansion

Let's dive right into LOVE. Did you know that a failing relationship can stress your life and negatively impact how you look? 


When you infuse self-expansion into your relationships, you begin to experience the excitement and renewed commitment you once had. 


Conscious Couple


Self-expansion is a form of growth that allows you and your loved one to do something that elevates you both from where you are currently, to a place that is new and exciting. 


Remember the first time you met and the thrill that came with it. The joys of becoming lovers, (getting married, and having kids - for those who are there in their lives) - it was refreshing. It made you both want to be with each other, but when you got all of that and got comfortable, your relationship is starting to suffer.


This is not to say that you shouldn't get comfortable in your relationships, you are supposed to.

However, the very essence of conscious living is to experience every aspect of your life in its entirety, and that experience comes with growth. 


We scrapped the net and found lists out several activities you can do together as a couple to grow. Amongst the top recommended were, learning a new language together or building a new house as ways in which you both can grow as a couple. 


Another thing you have to keep in mind is that you and your partner should never neglect your own individual growth as separate human beings. The point of your relationships is not to become one and the same. The point is to continue being two whole people that bring in their own uniqueness into the relationship.


2. Instead of adding to the landfills, practice the 3Rs of waste management

Nearly everything we use can be reduced, reused, and recycled, we just have to think about it more carefully.




Choosing to reduce the amount of rubbish that ends up in landfills is a very conscious decision in that you have to explicitly think about your buying choices. 


You will also have to confront your trashing techniques and actively try to change it because these are activities we tend to do on autopilot. 


To reduce wastage, you need to evaluate if the items you are purchasing are bad for the environment. A perfect example is the decision to stop using plastic shopping bags unless you have to or to minimize the buying products with plastic packaging. 


Reuse will require you to carefully think about the other ways an item can be used before you toss them out in the trash. An example is the food waste you produce that can be used as compost for your garden. Another way to look at reuse is when you invest in reusable items like stainless steel water bottles, cloth napkins, and so on


For recycling, you have to be very actionable with it, and this requires you to invest in recycling bins where you separate your trash into different groups. It also requires you to seek out companies that are into recycling wastes as well as you purchasing recycled products. 

When you consciously seek out products and items that help reduce pollution, you, in turn, encourage companies to act more socially responsible. 


3. Instead of synthetic products, use clean beauty products

A very crucial move towards living a more conscious lifestyle is being aware of what you are putting in and on your body. The ingredients used in making your soaps, creams, lotions, makeup, and hair products usually find its way into the bloodstream and tissues. 


Conscious Purchase


An example of such ingredients is paraben, which is a preservative used to prolong the shelf-life of products. Paraben is a synthetic chemical which in large doses could lead to breast cancer. Parabens also affect animals because they are non-biodegradable and can easily be transferred through our waterways.


When you go out to buy beauty products, be sure to check their list of ingredients and see if the ingredients are synthetic or organic like what we at Evio Beauty offer.


So now you have it, three replacements you can make to live a more conscious lifestyle.

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