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The 4 Best Marijuana Strains to Netflix, Chill ..and Bang

Republished with permission from Daily Marijuana Observer an Evio Community Partner
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Let’s be real -- having company for a night to Netflix and Chill is as much about binging on the new Amo series as it is about the bang you’re hoping will follow. Here’s how the right marijuana strains will help get you there.

In spite of modern conveniences, setting up the mood for Date Night hasn’t really changed much since 1973. Alright, maybe it has. If anything, it’s harder --you’re spoiled by choice. Just because you look real fine on Tinder, it doesn’t mean you got the style, grace, or presence to set the mood for a right proper night of getting your chill on --or freak on, either.

There are numerous ways that one might set up the mood for some good old fashioned quality time and a roll in the hay, but few compare to the kind of experience your friendly neighborhood weed connoisseur might prescribe. If you’re looking down the barrel of a long weekend or a night to relax and chill with someone you’ve been hoping to impress --you’re going to have to think a little like a botanist. Or a conductor. Yes, folks. A seemingly innocuous activity --or series of activities-- that come along with a “Netflix and Chill” night come down on its participants in layers.

In other words, it’s not about one marijuana strain or another, what’s on the tube, the beats in the background, or the atmosphere --it’s about the symphony. The goal isn’t just about relaxing, laughing under the covers, or getting laid. It’s about all of the above. The whole experience. And in order to get you there you’re going to have to peel back each moment, and set the stage for the one that follows.

If music is a tool for disc jockeys to command, the strains you select are your track listing.



Alright, for this one I’m going to drive the truck right off the pier, right through to the post-bang bong session. However, you can still veer off the road before then and remain in the friend zone. After all, not everyone who wants to “Netflix and Chill” is looking to bone.



Before the tube is even turned on, it’s game on. The key objective at this stage is to make everyone feel comfortable. And the best way to make someone feel comfortable is to make them laugh.

At this point, you’re going to want to gauge the mood in the room --you want to make the mood lighter, but you don’t want to turn it into a National Lampoon marathon.



Depending on what you’re working with, either marijuana strain is ideal for a Netflix and Chill date.



If your company is already energetic and in high spirits, a mellow happy vibe may just be what they’re looking for. In this case I’d suggest Blue Dream for its ability to make one feel happy and uplifted without the heavy sedation. Blue Dream has an average THC level of about 14/22%, and it’s a cross between blueberry indica and sativa haze. It’s a touch skunky, and the blueberry essence caps it off nicely.



For those who are a little under the weather, mildly depressed, or feeling a little numb; reach for the Green Crack. Yep, blow those shitty vibes right out the window like a mood laxative. Green Crack isn’t going to bowl anyone over as the name suggests (or send them to rehab with itchy rashes and a hankering for public urination). Green Crack is all about an even high that covers all the bases; happy, uplifting, creative, slightly euphoric, and makes the lucky participant a little energetic.

For first-timers, reading Wikipedia might even seem mildly entertaining but we can’t make any promises. It’s ideal for first dates and chilling even the most rigid folks right the fuck out. Green Crack has a little more THC than Blue Dream, clocking in just under an average of 17/24%, and has orange and pineapple essences that balance out it’s middle of the road skunkiness.



Oh, shit. That’s right. That.

Now it’s time for the main attraction. Well. The pseudo main attraction, anyway. Or should we refer to it as the main distraction --eh? Ehhhh? See what I did there? Sorry, I’m Canadian. After kicking things off, breaking the ice, and setting the mood it’s time to change gears.



With your first strain selection out of the way and your company a little lit, don’t let their heightened senses go to waste. Reach for something with fruity-sweet undertones that’s a little less skunky and will last through a full season of Stranger Things. I suggest Tangerine Dream because it’s a little less on the energetic spectrum, a little higher on the euphoric and creative side, and it doesn’t cut short the positive effect on their mood.

Tangerine Dream is a hit with the ladies because of its pleasant orange, grapefruit, and pineapple essences --and it’s a hit with the gents because of its higher THC value, clocking in just above 17/27%. Tangerine Dream is great for a happy/mellow vibe and is ideal for the Netflix portion of your date.



Oh, the puns. I’m a budding comedian, aren’t high?

By this point, everyone in the room is properly mashed and it’s time to start thinking about the grand overture --setting the mood and the body buzz to be conducive to coitus. That is, if your guest is DTF.



It’s time to pull out all the stops and nothing does this better than Ultimate Trainwreck --a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that measures high on the arousal meter and is best enjoyed horizontally. This uber-skunky strain has earthy overtones and a pinch of pine essence to it, making it easy to inform your guest you “saved the best for last” because they’re worth it.

Ultimate Trainwreck is a great nightcap because it helps relieve stress, provides a little energy boost, and yet it has moderate analgesic properties. You can expect an average of 15/20% THC with this one.



With a little research, trial and error it’s easy to be the architect of your own recipe for the ultimate Netflix and Chill sesh. The formula is usually the same --improve moods in the beginning, ease into a relaxed trip to flavour country, and wrap it up with a strain that will take everyone off their feet. While your company doesn’t need to know you’ve worked hard to align your strains, the payoff is in how the night ends.

What’s your macro for a great date night --or for some good ‘ol fashioned ugly-bumping? Let us know!

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