4 Natural Ways To Deal With Period Cramps

4 Natural Ways To Deal With Period Cramps

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Period cramps are a pain, and so is dealing with them! As if menstruating weren’t enough of a bother, many who suffer through Mother Nature’s monthly gift are also blessed with cramps that make you ache to your bones. We all know about pharmaceutical methods of coping with said icky feelings, like Midol and birth control, but there are also a variety of natural treatments for these painful times. Here are four ways we thought might be helpful!



A hot cup of tea can do wonders for not only pain, but bloating as well. Although a simple ginger, peppermint or chamomile blend may do the trick, there are special teas created to help ease menstrual pains, like Mighty Aphrodite by David’s Tea, which helps with cramping, and is organic. 

David’s Tea Organic Mighty Aphrodite, $10 (50g), davidstea.com



Inhaling the pain away with essential oils can be a fabulously soothing method of dealing with painful cramps — whether you apply directly to areas that need extra help or you add some drops to a hot bath to help you relax. Anyone who is DIY-inclined can create their own mixtures, but there are blends on the market made specifically for dealing with cramps, nausea, and all the other fun things that go hand-in-hand with a visit from Aunt Flo. Canadian brand Saje’s Moon Cycle is 100 per cent natural, vegan, and animal friendly.

Saje Moon Cycle PMS Relief Remedy, $20, saje.com



Cramp bark is an antispasmodic muscle relaxing herb and, as you may have guessed from the name, it helps treat cramps. The bark can be bought online or at herbal dispensaries, and it can be boiled in water to be sipped like a tea, or found in a tincture (the drops can be put into water or placed under the tongue, as needed).

Shanti Tea Cramp Bark, $13, shantitea.ca

St. Francis Herb Farm Cramp Bark tincture, see here for where to buy. 



Weed is all the rage now that Canada has opened the recreational cannabis market. Luckily menstrual cramps just happen to be on the ever growing list of ailments that can be treated with this once provocative plant. And the beauty of cannabis is the multiple ways it can be consumed. There are body balms, bath soaks, suppositories, vaporizers and edibles — although you can’t purchase them legally until later in 2019. What is legal? Cannabis flower and oil, meaning you can make your own edibles, etc, you’re just not allowed to sell them, and CBD sourced from hemp (so the plant that doesn’t contain THC). Be sure to look out for strains with higher levels of CBD, the element in cannabis that helps with pain relief that doesn’t have any psycho active affects. Products that are made of only CBD are being praised for their ability to pacify an angry uterus. 

Fleurs Pain Potion, $55, fleurstea.com

Calyx Wellness CBD Tincture Boost, $50, calyxwellness.co