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4 Simple Tips To Enhance Your Everyday Outfits

Republished with permission from Do Well Dress Well an Evio Community Partner



Do you ever feel like some people just look effortlessly stylish all the time?

Everything just fits perfectly, they’ve managed to match colours that you’ve never even imagined could go together (but it looks amazing!) and their accessories are the perfect finishing touch? And then perhaps you’ve tried to imitate this effortless style thing, but it just didn’t look the same on you? (Don’t feel embarrassed if you relate to this! This is a judgement-free zone and I’m here to help!)

The thing is, the art of effortless style is just that. An art. It takes time and effort to understand your body, your style and of course how colours, patterns, textures, etc. work together. It often takes years of putting together various outfits to truly get a sense of what works so that you can replicate it on a regular basis.

Now, sure, there are courses you can take, books you can read, consultants you can pay for an in-depth understanding of how to uncover your personal style. I would never discredit any of those things because if that’s the level of understanding you need, you should absolutely pursue it! But in an effort to simplify things and give you easy, practical and free advice (that you could implement today if you wanted!), here are four tips to enhance your everyday outfits:



Have you ever spent time really getting to know your personal style? What types of pieces do you immediately gravitate to? What colours look most flattering on you and compliment your skin tone? What pieces do you tend to stay away from? What’s your go-to outfit? When you know your style in and out, not only does it make getting dressed much easier but you’ll always look and feel put together as there’s no second guessing. Personally, I gravitate towards anything colourful (especially if it’s pink, yellow and patterned) and I know that jumpsuits, fit and flare dresses, blazers and dark wash jeans tend to work very well for me.



This is a game changer when it comes to leveling up your everyday outfits and it’s so easy to implement. All this means is that you always wear no less than 3 pieces (this doesn’t include your shoes) in order to take your look up a notch. For example, let’s say you have on a pair of jeans and a basic blouse. There’s nothing wrong with this outfit but once you add a printed blazer on top and a necklace, you’ve instantly upgraded your look! 



Typically when we get dressed, we begin with our clothing items and then top things off with an accessory. But, what if I challenged you to start with your accessory first? 

Hear me out – I promise there’s a method to my madness: by starting with an accessory, it challenges you to think creatively about how to build an outfit around it. Instead of just pulling out anything from your closet, you need to take a little more time to evaluate the accessory and see what would work best with it. Plus, this ensures that you actually add an accessory to your outfit which of course is the best and easiest way to enhance your everyday look.



I know, I know. Colour can be a tough one for people to incorporate into their wardrobe, especially when they’ve become used to the convenience that comes with an “all-black everything” mentality. Nothing beats colour though and if you’re not ready for a full head-to-toe colourful outfit yet, that’s ok! Again, here’s another challenge: add colour with your accessories. Whether it’s a pair of earrings, a necklace, a scarf or even a pair of glasses, opting to wear an accessory that stands out from the rest of your outfit will immediately give you an elevated look.

If you’re already a colour lover like myself then you already know that there are other benefits to wearing colour than just the physical ones. Not only does wearing colour instantly boost your mood but it truly does affect those around you. I’m a big fan of wearing yellow and I continue to be so fascinated by how people positively interact with me whenever I wear it. From people on the train to Uber drivers, I always end up having conversations with strangers who can’t help but tell me about their day, ask for directions or just compliment me on how awesome my yellow outfit is. I encourage you to try the ‘yellow test’ out for yourself!

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