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Cannabis Infused Sex

An Evio Exclusive by Jessica Fung of Blunt B.A.E.Cannabis+Sex+Evio+Community


So you’re thinking about becoming a ‘Cannasexual’?

‘Cannasexual’ is a termed coined by Sex Educator Ashley Manta “…created to describe anyone who mindfully and deliberately combines sex and cannabis to deepen intimacy and enhance pleasure.”

For someone that’s exploring the Cannasexual scene, the idea of incorporating cannabis with sexual intimacy and pleasures can still seem quite foreign. Here are some common and important questions about the Cannasexual lifestyle with answers that can help break down some misconceptions and stigma surrounding cannabis and sex that can clear up the path for other canna-curious people.


Do I have to smoke cannabis?

No, definitely not. There are so many different methods of consumption that smoking is not the only way to incorporate it into your sexual practice. You can definitely smoke a spliff before hitting the sheets with your partner, but according to statistics, most women would actually prefer other methods of consumptions. This is where topicals are super powerful! There are many sprays, oils, creams, and balms out in the market that are made specifically for the stimulation of female genitalia. These topicals are infused with CBD, THC, or a hybrid of both to help enhance a sexual experience through your vulva!


If I use topicals, will I get high?

This is the biggest misconception! If you are incorporating a cannabis infused topical into your sexual practice, you won’t experience a head trip type of high. This type of topical is made specifically for the mucosa of your vulva and vagina and will stimulate the nerve endings in that area which is the ‘high’ that you experience. However, if your partner performs oral sex after applying a cannabis infused topical, your vulva has inadvertently become an edible and your partner may experience a different type of high than you. Talk about eating out!


Does it make sex better?

This is the most common question, but in order to answer this, you need to ask yourself another important question as a cannabis consumer - ‘How do you want to feel?’. Sex is different for everyone and it’s so important to know how you want to feel before, during, and after consensual sex that can really influence a sexual experience to be good or bad. Do you want to feel more relaxed? Or do you want to experience more stimulation in the clitoral region? Or do you want to experience a stronger orgasm? These are only a few of the ways cannabis can bring those ‘O’s’ in to your life!


Topical products I would highly recommend would be the Stimulating Orgasm Oil by HighOnLove and Foria Awaken Natural Arousal Oil with CBD & Synergistic Botanicals.

There are so many different strains of cannabis and methods of consumption that the ways to infuse cannabis into your intimate life is really limitless! It’s not just about getting high and having sex, it’s about enhancing a sexual experience through added pleasures! It’s also important to remember that cannabis is just like any other consumer product where experimentation, asking the right questions and knowing what kind of sexual experience you want is the best way to finding your Cannasexual nirvana!

Don’t forget to have and be safe!

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