How To Be More Productive At Work

Republished with permission from See Girl Work an Evio Community Partner



You might be wondering why your boss hired a Manager instead of promoting you from Coordinator. Or you might be wondering why the Director isn’t buying into your “I’ve been here 3 years so I’ve earned a raise” rationale.

After all, you have seniority, you’re juggling major projects and campaigns, you frequently clock in early and always stay late in order to get the job done.



Are you getting in early to get started on that huge pile of admin work on your desk, only to spend the pre 9:00am time busy catching up with a coworker about the latest episode of Bachelor?

Do you stay late in order to catch up on all your red flag emails only to spend that extra time busy on Facebook?

Do you book team meetings in order to figure out how many other meetings you’ll need to schedule for the campaign launch?

When you consider how time consuming all these tasks are, no wonder you feel super busy and swamped?

But are you really getting anything done? Are you really being productive at work?

If you are in that spot (and who isn’t?) where you’re really trying to showcase your talents and prove what you can do in order to move up in your career, consider these tips on how to be more productive at work.



According to an article in Life Hacker, “The goal of any productivity method is to teach you manage yourself efficiently. This is equal parts self-discipline, organization and resource management.”

A system at its most basic is a process or routine for the way we do things. Systems are meant to streamline the way you addresses specific problems or issues that you have to deal with regularly at work. You can set up systems for how you deal with invoicing, filing and scheduling. You can even create a system for how you and your team label product inventory or organize images on the hard drive at work. Implementing systems improves productivity, saves time and can allow you to proactively address issues or related challenges that may arise.

In a Word doc, create a step-by-step tutorial, almost like an instruction manual, for how to address the task at hand. Add links to appropriate files and screen grabs to further illustrate each step and make it easier for your other team members to understand, remember and follow. Once completed and you feel like your tutorial is dummy proof, share it with your team and then save it on department’s hard drive, clearly labelled and ensure that your team knows where’s it’s located so that they can reference it regularly until that system becomes second nature. Once created, a system should not require intensive thought and effort. It’s purpose is to have everyone on the same page and moving at the same speed, thus increasing greater productivity.



In many organizations, bosses and other higher-ups often need a weekly status update  from their direct reports. It doesn’t matter what kind of creative field you work in or whether you freelance or have a boss in the office next to you, maintaining a weekly status report is key to successful project management and improving productivity at work.

A status report acts a checklist for everything going on within the scope of each project, campaign or assignment. A weekly status report can be used in your weekly one-on-one updates with your Director or Manager and it can be used in team meetings or other meetings as starting point for discussions.

Without a running status update task list, I really would be a hot mess with my work.



Time batching is the idea of dedicating blocks of time to similar tasks in order to decrease distraction and increase productivity.

When we switch from one task to the other, our attention and willpower to complete the next task is diminished, especially if we are switching from something that isn’t completed. When we batch our tasks, we’re only doing one task until it’s completed, and everything related to it is also completed.

Using your weekly status report, plan and prioritize the tasks that need to be completed, by writing them down. Use you calendar to assign each task a time allowance. It could be an hour or it could be 20 minutes. Each task will require a different amount of time. Each block of focused time is dedicated to one task or set of similar tasks. After that block of time is up, take a planned break (like lunch or a trip to the water cooler), then begin the next block of focused time.



In order to get that promotion or get that raise you really need to show that you’re a results driven performer. It’s important to show the higher-ups at work that you produce outcomes, that you can be productive and actually get work done. It’s not just about making lists. It’s about checking things off that list. What tools or methods do you use to be more productive at work?


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