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Psychodermatology; the impacts our emotions have on our skin.


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You may be wondering, “what is psychodermatology?” Don’t worry, I got you. 

According to WebMD, psychodermatology is the study of the impacts our emotions have on our skin. 

Psychodermatology seeks to find out if the stress from your annoying boyfriend happens to be the reason for your breakouts or if it is the stress from the extra workload at the office that is the responsible for the wrinkles appearing on your face. 

Psychodermatology wants to know the extent stress has on your skin because stress affects us more than we realize. 

In a table made by WebMD, it gave the three ways in which stress manifests in our lives. These manifestations were physical, psychographic, and behavioral.  Let’s take, for instance, their first example of how stress affects us. 

When you are stressed, it may manifest itself physically as a headache which causes you have anxiety (psychographics), that makes you to either overeat or undereat (depending on your disposition).


The skin is another physical outlet for which stress manifests itself. When you are stressed, stress hormones like cortisol are released, which may increase your skin’s oil production, thereby causing your skin to breakout.


Chronic stress also causes inflammation which breaks down collagen and elastin, thus leading to premature aging (wrinkles).


So, now that you all this information about how stress can affect you, is it possible for you to avoid it? 

Sadly, no. However, there are ways to manage it and its effects. 

First thing you have to do is to continue taking care of your skin. You cannot relent on that because it will help rectify the effects stress has had on your skin. 

Choose products that are moisturizing and reduce inflammation like our Evio 3-step skin set, which also hydrates your skin and lessen the signs of aging. It is also cruelty-free for those of you that are against animal testing, vegan, paraben-free and consciously produced.


3 Step Skin Kit Serum


Tell me, what other product on the market will work with you to achieve your beauty and conscious goals? Comment below. 

The second thing you need to do is to engage in some meditation. I know, meditation is most times seen as a spiritual activity (which is true). But there are countless testimonies of how it has helped to ease stress and anxiety.


I did a quick research on the meditation and how it has affected people’s lives, and these were what I found:

 “My mind is a lot more calm. I don’t have as much negative thought and nothing that I though was important prior to meditating is actually important.”

  • WombatTaco, Reddit

“Calmer but anxiety isn’t gone”

  • beautcontrictor, Reddit

“Reduced my panic attacks. I haven’t had a panic attack in 4 months.”

  • jwowwperezoso, Reddit

“Helped me to respond to stress more calmly and I am not overwhelmed anymore”

  • Brittany Broadwater, 29 (

“It helped me with my anxiety and panic attacks”

  • Amanda Leigh Doueihi, 31 (


These are testimonials of real people who have used meditation to get rid of stress, anxiety and panic attacks. 

However, meditation can be quite daunting for a beginner. Trust me, I have been there before, and it is not easy. Trying to focus your mind on one thing, especially for a person with an overactive brain is near impossible which is why you need a WOOM.

Yes, a WOOM.

Woom NYC


WOOM is a center “where ancient practices of yoga and meditation, a futuristic flavor for technology, and a deep desire to stay present.”

They offer meditation packages in the form of sound and sight as well as scent and taste. All their offerings are reasonably priced (some as low as $15), and virtual classes too. 

You should check them out to see what they offer.


Your mind and your skin are all connected. When you look great, you are less stressed, and when you are less stressed, you look great.

Never forget that. 

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