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Motivation To Drink More Water

Motivation to drink more water. Challenge accepted;

This month I am challenging you to drink more water. Nothing new here, everyone knows that we should be getting at least 8 cups of water a day. Why? It's important to keep our bodies hydrated to balance your body temperature, keep the energy moving, and simply to make you feel better throughout the day. I will be honest, I find it VERY hard to keep track of how much water I drink. On top of that, is 8 cups really accurate for me? After all, every body is different.


How Much Water Do I Need?

1. Divide your body weight (lbs) by 2. 

2. Then divide by 8.

3. The final number is the number of cups of water you should drink each day. 


Let's talk about water trackers

There are tons of apps you can install on your phone. I have tried a few in the past but personally, I just don't like them. Love the idea behind it, but it's another task to remember every single day. My pattern is usually this: the first week I am so on top of my water tracking game, and then the following weeks I tend to forget to track it.. which makes the data almost useless to me. BUT, with that being said, if apps are your thing, stick with it!


Another water tracker to try is through a bullet journal. Bullet journaling is not for everyone, myself included. But if you are a fan of bullet journaling and document your life's schedule on the daily, then adding a section to track your water is a fantastic idea. 


The above two options didn't seem to work well for me. After lot's of researching and seeing some very cool ideas, I came across a water tracker that takes less than 5 minutes to do --- It also doesn't require you to take any more extra time in the day either! Check out the DIY below ;)


DIY Water Tracker 

1. You'll need a see-through water bottle that's approximately half the amount of your daily water intake.

2. Take your favourite Sharpie colour and draw 5 horizontal marks to divide your water bottle into 6 sections. (See example below) 

3. On each line write down the hours 8am-noon on the left side and 2pm-6pm on the right side. Everyone is different, so modify accordingly. (See Example below)

4. Write "Time To Refill" or any motivational quote to help you get through the next bottle.


motivational water bottle


Water Tracker in 5 minutes, done.

Carol Pham |  Lifestyle Blogger  |    @carolpham


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