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Pregnancy Prep, What Do Doulas Do?, Take Control of Your Birth with The Birth Boss | Unapparenthood Podcast Ep.2

Republished with permission from Unapparenthood an Evio Community Partner



Aminah interviews doula and founder of Birth Boss, Rhiannon Langford to talk all things pregnancy support - support that doesn't end when pregnancy does. Whether a pregnancy ends in a loss or you have a fantastic birth, Rhiannon speaks to how important support around the birthing person is.


Rhiannon is one impressive lady. Look at all she knows about:

  • Certified StillBirthday Birth & Bereavement Doula 

  • BeboMia Maternal Support Practitioner 

  • Brilliant Birth Academy Essential Oils Training for Birth Workers

  • Honours Bachelor of Arts in Peace & Conflict Studies, University of Toronto

  • Bioethics Certificate of Professional Achievement, Columbia University (exp. 2018)

I feel like all people deserve to be supported, especially during major life transitions [like birth]

- Rhiannon Langford, Birth Boss


Listen along with us and learn how to take back your power during pregnancy, what the heck a birth vision board is (hint, it may or may not be like a pinterest board), and why doulas are actually important to help support the dads/other moms/support person in the room.



(4:01) Taking back your birthing power

(9:50) How doulas provide dignity and support during pregnancy loss

(16:15) How can you include the support person in the birth

(19:57) Birth vision board, say what

(26:10) How granola do doulas get


Rhiannon is a full-spectrum doula and founder of Birth Boss Maternity Care. She is all about keeping it real with moms and dads by bringing judgement-free support, knowledge, and a bit of laughter into the birth & postpartum space. Her philosophy has been deeply influenced by her study of women’s health & birth justice during her postgraduate studies at Columbia University, and background in nutrition, aromatherapy, and crystal healing. 

Learn more and get in touch with Rhiannon, the Birth Boss here. Follow her along on Instagram, twitter , and pinterest .