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Skincare Products That Wow Us

An Evio Exclusive written by Lori Harito

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Good skincare goes a long way. From serums to vitamins, the market is saturated with wellness products that are dynamic, unique and produce an inner - and outer - glow.

The Evio team loves experimenting with beauty items that make us happy from the get-go. We vibe with companies that stand for something and the product actually does what it says it will.

These are the top products that have wowed and amazed us. Products we were obsessed with from the very first drop, roll, or cleanse. Take a peek at our recommendations and see what’re loving so far.



Wyld’s Konjac sponge is a standout product because it’s unique. A plant-based vegan skin exfoliator, this sponge was a revelation! It’s intended to scrub and exfoliate away dirt and dead cells from the face. The result is soft, smooth, happy skin. Natural and infused with vitamins and minerals, the sponge transforms into a pillowy-soft facial cleanser when wet. What I love about the sponge is that it’s handmade with the fibre-rich konjac plant native to Asia. It’s grown in wild mountainous region without the use of pesticides or fertilizers. And it’s super fun to use as you sweep the sponge over your face in circular motions. Unlike other exfoliators, Wyld’s isn’t covered in synthetic dyes and colours that get absorbed into your skin.



After cleansing your skin, use the sponge around your face and neck. I like to do at least three rounds of exfoliating with the sponge, going at a gentle pace. After that, I rinse my skin, towel off and add moisturizer or serum. Also, check out their how to video!



Rolling has become wildly popular over at Evio HQ. We’ve quickly adopted it as a stress-relieving tool. Something about the mindful, rhythmic motion of moving the jade roller up and down the face feels impeccably soothing. So, it should come as no surprise that the herbivore botanical rose facial roller is a top pick. It was love at first roll with my jade roller. Jade (or rose) rolling is an ancient Chinese skincare routine. It stimulates your lymphatic system, reducing puffiness and inflammation.

The method is pretty simple. On clean skin, add your moisturizer or serum, and start rolling away. Begin at the neck and roll upwards and around the eye. Just a gentle touch will do the trick. Don’t be aggressive with your face. The skin is supple and delicate, so be soft when rolling. Rolling makes you less puffy and Is said to increase your plumpness and smooth out lines (tbd on this.) It also massages your serum or moisturizer deeper into your skin.

The roller comes in different crystals, each known for its beneficial properties. Rose, Jade, and Amethyst. Pro Tip: Put it in the fridge for an amazing feeling on your skin.


We’re predicting this is THE new trendy product of the year.  Gua Sha has been used as a healing method in Chinese Medicine for centuries. Gua Sha is a super gentle massage for your face. Think of it as cleaning out the gunk from your skin. And it’s oh-so-soothing. The best part is that you don’t need to do a lot to get a lot. It’s meant to simply move energy around your skin and increase blood circulation. Be gentle with your skin. You’ll see and feel a glow after spending some quality time with the Gua Sha.



The newcomer to the supplement world, Well Told Health is an alternative to the alternative. It has an apologetically clean approach to supplements. Well Told Health’s line of organic supplements are clean and vegan with ingredients you can pronounce. The story of how they got to be is inspirational. After a breast cancer diagnosis in 2015, founder Monica Ruffo set off on a path of wellness. She went looking for natural and pure supplements only to find that there were none. They all had some type of filler harvested from animals. After extensive research, Well Told Health was born. She decided to switch up and seriously change the supplement game. Monica built her company around the belief that we can get our nourishment from plant-based food such as organic fruits, herbs, roots, seeds, veggies, petals and leaves. That’s why you won’t find anything but real food in the boosters. The Vitamin D booster - something we all lack since we’re not drenched in sunny California sun - is derived from Portobello mushroom. Monica doesn’t believe that one pill, or multivitamin, fits all. Everyone has different health needs and the products are structured around that.



  • Anti-inflammatory booster made with turmeric, a known anti-inflammatory and immune booster.
  • Energy Booster — this one is a real game changer. Made with nothing but two ingredients - organic goji berries and organic lemon balm, I was hesitant to try it at first thinking it would give my heart uncomfortable palpations. It didn’t. Instead, it gave me a natural boost in my mood and a little extra pep in my step. A natural high that even caffeine can’t provide.

As a fan of supplements, I find these products incredibly useful. When I have trouble sleeping, instead of relying on melatonin, I find Well Told Health’s Relaxation booster a gentler version without the grogginess in the morning.



If you’re not into bath oils, I can guarantee that this will change your mind. Just a few drops of this heavenly oil will have you settled in and completely relaxed. The fragrance is beautiful and strong enough to make you feel utterly at ease. Using a unique blend of essential oils - rosemary, lavender, juniper, and lime - Olverum bath oil will make you feel like you’re dipping into a luxurious bath. The skin absorbs the oil - and feels SO good after the bath - so there’s no slippery oils left in the bathtub.



Who doesn’t want to feel flawless all the time? Especially when it’s Friday and you’re about to ramp up for the weekend. I immediately fell in love with FF’s hydrating Mesmereyes under eye masks. They’re unique, colourful and super fun. Most of all, they do the work by relaxing the redness and puffiness we’re used to in our skin. Flawless by Friday’s 3-day eye mask contains hyaluronic acid which provides extreme hydration, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to protect your under eyes.  Mask two contains collagen and caffeine to plump the area. Finally, mask three has honey in it which pulls moisture of out air and into your skin. Glowy and dooey. Love it!