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Stay Warm AF With Eco Friendly Winter Gear

Republished with permission from The Eco Edit an Evio Community Partner


 Photo: Frank and Oak


Frank and Oak’s fall line was created with 30% recycled materials (a jump from close to 0% in previous seasons) and it looks like they’re continuing the practice in to winter. Frank and Oak’s new line of jackets are made with recycled wool and recycled Thinsulate. Their outerwear is cruelty-free and their jackets and coats don’t use feathers for insulation.

Frank and Oak The Alpine Parka, $349,



Columbia is a trusted name for warm jackets and it turns out they’re cruelty free too! Columbia’s website outlines their standards and practices when it comes to their employees and labour, as well as their fur free and eco-friendly policies. Their OutDry Extreme Eco Down line of coats is dye free (which saves water), made from recycled plastic water bottles, and the zipper pulls, eyelets, and threads made from recycled materials.

Columbia OutDry Extreme Eco Down Jacket in White Undyed, $380,



Patagonia is a company the strives to make the best products while causing no harm to the environment. At least 1% of their sales go to environmental groups around the world. They also have recycled down or completely feather less options for coats and jackets, and they use 100% recycled nylon in their jackets and coats.

Patagonia Women’s Down Sweater Jacket, $229,



An oldie but goodie, shopping at thrift stores is not only a great way to find great deals and retro styles, it’s also great for the environment. Shopping at thrift stores prevents clothes from being trashed and sent to landfills, and cuts down on emissions from the production process. Most thrift stores have large sections for winter wear, so start hunting for that perfect vintage designer find!

PLUS PLUS: Accessories are so necessary! In a Canadian winter, you definitely won’t get by with just a coat! Here are a few brands to take a look at for winter accessories.


For accessories that’ll keep you warm until April, Sartoria has got you covered. Their products are made from 100% recycled cashmere and merino wool, reclaimed from luxury sweaters. From scarves to long johns, Sartoria’s warm, soft and eco-friendly products will keep the winter chill away.

Sartoria Oversize Scarf, $260,



If you’re looking for something free of animal products, check out Toronto brand Encircled. Their fabrics are sustainable and dye free, and made with sustainable fabrics such as modal.

Encircled The Essential Long Sleeve Top, $78,



Kamik is a Canadian company that strives to be as eco-friendly as possible. Most of their materials are locally sourced and recycled, which reduces their carbon footprint and their production plant has a zero-waste target. They also have a program where old Kamik shoes to be returned to the company, so they can be recycled and made into new products.

Kamik Rouge9 boots, $160,



For an animal-free boot option, Beyond Skin offers boots made from PUC, a material that is much more environmentally friendly than PVC, the commonly used alternative. Their website offers shoes of all kinds including winter boots. The soles of their shoes are made from 70% recycled resin and Beyond Skin pledges to give at least 1% of their profits to grassroots environmental organizations, and they hope that percentage will grow as their company does.

Beyond Skin Frida Pewter Lace Up Vegan Boots, approximately $250,

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