Evio Community — Be The Next Her

Dr. Angelica Kada: Kensington Market Naturopath

An interview with Angelica Kada, a Naturopath working at the Head to Toe Health Clinic in Kensington Market.

Melissa DiPasquale: Senior Event Planner

An interview with Melissa DiPasquale, a Senior Event Manager at the Ontario Chamber of Commerce.

Kim Montgomery: Toronto Restaurant Owner

An interview with Kim Montgomery, the owner of Montgomery’s Restaurant in Toronto.

Natalie Festa, Co-Founder, Boro

Natalie is the Co-Founder of Boro, a peer-to-peer marketplace for women to lend and rent clothing to and from each other.  I’m not a “morning person” and I can’t imagine commuting (I did for a while) so I consider myself lucky that I walk to work.

Mimi Boyer: Founder of Happy on Mondays

An interview with Mimi Boyer, the founder of Happy on Mondays.

Krizia Francisco: Digital Health Program Consultant + PhD Engineering Student

An interview with Krizia Francisco, a Digital Health Program Consultant and PhD Engineering Student.

Jessica Watson: Creator of PonyDry

An interview with Jessica Watson, the Creator of PonyDry.

Sara Duke: Fashion Designer

An interview with Sara Duke, a Toronto based Fashion Designer.

Meghan Yuri Young: Toronto Writer + Blogger

An interview with Meghan Yuri Young, a Toronto based writer and blogger.

Brandi Leifso: CEO & Founder Evio Beauty Group

An interview by Be The Next Her with Brandi Leifso, AKA our CEO and founder of Evio Beauty Group.