This Is How Much Bacteria The Average Makeup Tester Has

How can you purchase makeup if you can't test how it will look on you? It's not convenient in the slightest, but once you find out how much bacteria is on those makeup testers, you'll run as far away from them as you can. 

Why You Should Never Pick Your Pimples

When your skin is giving you grief it can be really tempting to pick away at your pimples, thinking if you can squeeze them or pick them off, they will go away faster, and allow you to enjoy clear, healthy skin again. Unfortunately, this is not the case and will only further irritate your skin.

Quick & Easy Homemade Cannabis Cream

Many of us benefit greatly from using a cannabis-based topical, but unfortunately, we can’t legally buy it (for now). Here’s a simple guide to making a cannabis cream at home, with some background on what they are and how they work.

4 Powerful Ingredients That Will Even Out Your Skin Tone

We all dream of having the complexion that our favorite foundation fakes. A smooth, even skin tone with no hints of imperfection. But with harsh weather, acne-prone skin, or sun exposure, a clear and even skin tone can be hard to maintain.

Unexpected Reasons You Have Greasy Hair

hormonal fluctuations can cause your oil glands to go into overdrive. As a result, your scalp may feel more greasy than at other times during the month. This is also the same reason that you may develop acne breakouts. I recommend trying a salicylic acid shampoo to help remove excess oil from the scalp.

Why Your Dermatologist Wants You To Use Vitamin C On Your Skin

It's deemed "essential" by dermatologists, but why should you be using Vitamin C on your skin? There's a laundry list of reasons Vitamin C is good for your complexion. Here are some..."If you’re not using one, it’s definitely time to step up your anti-aging game and give your skin some serious protection,"