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Lucky Roll

Ontario opened its cannabis lottery last week. Hopeful businesses entered their applications into a draw to become one of 25 cannabis stores to get legal licenses to operate a store.

Ontario Attorney General Caroline Mulroney Says Canada has a Cannabis Shortage

cannabis consumers looking to buy bud in Ontario must go through the official province-run e-commerce store, aptly named the Ontario Cannabis Store...expected to change starting on April 1st, Ontario Attorney General Caroline Mulroney is frustrated by the national cannabis shortage that is holding the province back.

Is Cannabis Your Next Skincare Super Ingredient?

We know that cannabis can help with sleep, appetite and other symptoms. But as more and more research is conducted on the plant and its effects, we’re discovering – and rediscovering – other uses for cannabis. One promising realm is skincare.

Cannabis and Women's Sexual Health | HIGHTEA Podcast Ep. 16

Republished with permission from HIGHTEA an Evio Community Partner   Is there a connection between cannabis and women's sexual health? Is...

Recreational Cannabis Is Legal, So Why Aren’t We Forgiving Convictions?

But with legalization around the corner, we have to ask ourselves: what will happen to those who are or have been incarcerated for cannabis-related crimes, a demographic overwhelmingly comprised of marginalized and racialized individuals?

How a Lack of Cannabis Research Inspired Entrepreneur Stephanie Karasick

Once a recreational cannabis consumer, Stephanie Karasick gave it up because she didn’t like smoking. Now, twenty years later, she has embraced vaporizing cannabis as a way to manage her anxiety and depression.

SESH with Sarah Hanlon | HIGHTEA Podcast Ep.15

From pop culture to pot culture: NEWTS connects with cannafeminist, advocate and Big Brother Canada winner Sarah Hanlon or a proper sesh on pop culture, pot culture and everything in between. Listen up as these two talk love, life (a touch of jazz) and the latest in cannabis culture in a post-legalization Canada.

6 Questions to Ask Your Budtender

If you’re headed to a cannabis store for the first time, here are some questions you may want to ask.

Cannabullying + Censorship with Bess Byers | HIGHTEA Podcast Ep.14

NEWTS talks to cannabis activist and creator Bess Byers about the ongoing censorship she's been experiencing with the Instagram / Social community and the importance of women's voices now more than ever.

Why You Should Keep Your Cannabis Prescription After Legalization

There are plenty of reasons to celebrate cannabis legalization in Canada – it’s expected to improve public health and safety outcomes around cannabis, to eliminate unnecessarily and often racialized criminal charges, and to divert funds from the black market and into a thriving legal economy.

Pairing Weed and Food: 5 Chef-Approved Tips for Cooking with Cannabis

Cannabis is an experiential ingredient, but it’s also it’s a herb. Just like basil, parsley and thyme, it contains terpenes, aromatic compounds that give each strain its unique scent and flavour.

Hempful Healing With former NHL'er Riley Cote | HIGHTEA Podcast Ep.13

NEWTS reconnects with cannabis advocate, truth-teller, and one of our favourite guests ever Riley Cote on the high spirit of cannabis plant-healing, our current cultural hypnosis and a straight-up schooling on hemp v cannabis - and how both will heal the world. Riley is a former NHL-player and founder of Athletes 4 Care, an organizing normalizing cannabis through sports. Coolest dude truly changing minds. #Listenup!