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Africa's First Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Last week, the Weekend Witness reported that Durban North is officially home to the first medical marijuana dispensary in Africa. While this first-of-its-kind dagga dispensary won't be selling you any herb to smoke, a drink called “Marley coffee” and cannabis infused edibles will be sold in the dispensary's cafe area.

No More Munchies: This Cannabinoid Can Help With Weight Loss

It’s a classic effect of smoking pot: the raging craving for savory, salty, and sweet snacks that everyone knows as the munchies. But, don’t throw your bong away just yet. Despite having a reputation for making you hungry, certain strains of cannabis can actually suppress your appetite and help with weight loss.

The Shark Tank of Cannabis is Back Again for Season 3

In addition to riveting pitches from ganjapreneur hopefuls, viewers will get to know the personal stories of the contestants and their reasons for venturing into the cannabis industry – from moms and kids beating cancer to veterans looking for alternatives to opiates.

Erasing the Stain of Sexual Harassment in the Cannabis Industry

Sexual harassment is a widely discussed topic in today’s headlines, thrusting into the spotlight many practices that suggest women have been put into disadvantageous situations in many industries typically known or accepted as “boys clubs.” From #MeToo to Time’s Up, women are speaking out now more than ever before.

6 Women To Watch In The Weed Industry

In an ever-expanding industry, women have the upper hand in the cannabis space...To celebrate Women's History Month we cultivated a list of six women paving the way in different sub-sectors of the cannabis industry worth keeping an eye on.