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4 Simple Tips To Enhance Your Everyday Outfits

Do you ever feel like some people just look effortlessly stylish all the time?  Everything just fits perfectly, they’ve managed to match colours that you’ve never even imagined could go together (but it looks amazing!) and their accessories are the perfect finishing touch?

How To Improve Your Time Management (And Actually Conquer Your To-Do List)

Going to bed late, waking up early, skipping sleep, multitasking, basically burning the candles at both ends and still, the to-do list grew stubborn and continued to grow in length. I was always in a state of stress as my tasks weren’t being completed, I became distracted and I failed to complete the assigned tasks

Confused About Personal Branding? Try This One, Simple Exercise

Over the last few years, I’ve tried to make personal branding as simple and accessible as possible. Instead of overcomplicating things, my goal has been to explain it plainly, while at the same time, emphasizing how important it is to build and maintain a personal brand.

Michelle Obama On Personal Branding And The Strategy Behind Becoming A Style Icon

It’s no secret that Michelle Obama has an impeccable sense of style. In her memoir, Becoming, Michelle Obama dives deeper into the strategy behind her style and how important it was for her to speak with her clothing, though what is often referred to as fashion diplomacy.

Where Would I Be Without Her? An Ode To Female Mentorship

Their support does not diminish my independence; however, it seeks to strengthen it.  It’s something that perhaps my male counterparts in life may not fully understand.  It leaves me wondering about the countless women in my life who have inspired me in some way; where would I be without her

5 Personal Brand Investments That Have Paid Off

Building a personal brand is just like building anything else – you need the right tools in order to put it together. But, how do you know exactly what tools to invest your time and money in? Personal branding is exactly that…it’s personal which means that’s there’s not necessarily a one size fits all solution. 

Navigating Professional Development As A Women Of Colour

The question should become, what can I do with this? By simply rewording your outlook, little habits like this can be impactful on setting your sights on your future career goals. Your outlook is imperative to your career development. I’ll be providing my best practices on how to best navigate professional development.

7 Strategies Women Can Use To Thrive At Work

Women are continuously taking measures to avoid being marginalized in the workforce, whether as an employee or entrepreneur. Women are choosing to be bold, stand up for their rights and speak up where necessary.  Here are a few tips to help you do just that: