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Cycle Awareness

Mine, yours, ours - it was always a topic I felt confident discussing openly, in an attempt to charge through the stigmas surrounding a more public discussion of menstruation.Despite how comfortable and confident I feel about my own experiences, I still feel the pressure to “fake it” in many environments and situations

Meet Chelsea Russell: Multi Dimensional Creative

I was never really sure how I wanted to creatively express my ideas but I knew that doing it through art was very important to me. I always loved to sing and people always encouraged me to do it.  So that was the first avenue, paired with my instrument being the piano music was definitely a medium of expression for me.

Alyssa Bertram: Founder of Easy, Organic Period Products Delivered To Your Door

Alyssa is the founder of easy. a subscription delivery service for organic cotton menstrual hygiene products.  At the early stages of launching a business, it is very personal. It’s so much a part of your life that I have to consciously remember to disconnect sometimes.

Creator of Cadette Jewelry: Allison Asis on Following Her Calling

Allison hand makes each piece from her collection in her Toronto-based studio using traditional metalsmith techniques.  Cadette Jewelry features contemporary designs that are largely influenced by Allison's love for modern art & design, nature, and the journey of womanhood.

Tending To Here And Now

Sometimes in life, it’s not about the big changes. For most of us, we see these in the distant future. They are in front of mind and we are subtly striving for or hoping for most of the time. The thing is, constant striving toward these larger goals actually delays your happiness and replaces it with anxiety.

What Is Lurking In Your Tampons?

Many people stick to the brand they were introduced to when they first started menstruating and others like me look for whatever's on sale at the drug store. It wasn't until I began digging deep into the literature about feminine hygiene products that I started to learn the truth about what is in my tampons and the secrecy around the ingredients of these products. 

Your Monthly Visitor - Understanding Cramps

It happens every single month. The irrational mood swings, the cravings, the cramps, and low and behold - your period.  After a week it's over and... it starts all over again. Here we will focus on period cramps and some natural remedies.

A Not So 'Easy' Period

Meet disability activist and model Rachel Romu. In this interview, Rachel spoke with Easy about menstrual health and challenging ableism in society.

The Hidden Reason Behind Your $ Woes

It's the middle of the month and things start to get tight. Really tight. You're trying to make the money stretch and you can feel yourself constrict. Your shoulders feel tense, your jaw too. How am I possibly going to make ends meet? Here are a few reasons why you're under the pressure.

Hygiene & Healthy Habits For Your Lady Parts

For so many, their vagina is a source of embarrassment. There is shame & vulnerability about the way it looks or smells and many block themselves from true intimacy and loving this beautiful part of womanhood. Let’s start opening up more conversations about vaginas. We need to learn about and love our vaginas!

Do You Really Need "Organic" Tampons?

It seems like every few weeks there is a new buzzword in the health world. Kale, kombucha, dry brushing, we can’t keep up. But when its comes to menstrual health, how much do you really know about the object you put into your vagina each month?