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Cannabis Infused Sex

So you’re thinking about becoming a ‘Cannasexual’? ‘Cannasexual’ is a termed coined by Sex Educator Ashley Manta “…created to describe anyone who mindfully and deliberately combines sex and cannabis to deepen intimacy and enhance pleasure.”

Celebrate the Land We're On | National Indigenous Peoples Day

Celebrating National Indigenous Peoples Day and the land we're on with Hanna Sewell, an Anishinaabe'kwe from Batchewanna First Nation. Evio is proud to be Canadian-made, founded and operated.

How To Love A Job You Hate

Focusing on all the things you hate about your job can cause fatigue, low productivity, stress and even depression. Here’s how to love a job you hate.

How to Prepare for Your Performance Review

So there’s good and then there’s the things we dread about performance reviews at work. To help you look forward to, and even embrace, the opportunities that can come with your annual performance review, I’ve listed some tips below to help you prepare for your performance review.

A Moment with Cara Delevingne at the Teen Vogue Summit

We recently had the chance to sit in on a discussion with Cara and five other formidable people changing the name of the activism game at the Teen Vogue Summit in Los Angeles, California. The theme of the Teen Vogue Summit was all about celebrating and shining a spotlight on the change-makers.

WTF are Soft Skills and Why Do They Matter?

You and your co-worker have equal amounts of work. But despite starting at the company a year earlier than her, she’s the one who gets the promotion that you thought you were in line for. You’re good at your job and have seniority, so what gives? Well my friend, she outranks you in “soft skills.”

4 Empowering Poetry Books by Women To Fall in Love

We’ve rounded up five empowering poetry books by women to add to your summer reading list. Find out what new ones you don’t want to miss out on, here.

Skincare Products That Wow Us

Good skincare goes a long way. From serums to vitamins, the market is saturated with wellness products that are dynamic, unique and produce an inner - and outer - glow. The Evio team loves experimenting with beauty items that make us happy from the get-go. Here are our top favourite skincare products!

Championing The Right To Reform Cannabis Possession Offenses

Righting history’s wrongs, and being on the right side of history, Aurora Cannabis is standing by their mission to support grassroots initiatives to reform cannabis possession offenses by donating $50,000 to support the Campaign for Cannabis Amnesty.

How To Be More Productive At Work

You might be wondering why your boss hired a Manager instead of promoting you from Coordinator. Or you might be wondering why the Director isn’t buying into your “I’ve been here 3 years so I’ve earned a raise” rationale. But there's a difference between being busy and being productive.

The Lyoness

A moment with Emily Lyons, the President & Founder of Femme Fatale Media, the world’s largest staffing community. Emily’s journey is unconventional and interesting. Her first ever job was working on a garlic farm - for about a week - before she left (the smell lingered, though).

5 Eco-Conscious Fitness Brands You Need On Your Radar

We all have that one yoga pants and sports bra combo that’s our go-to. No matter how many other options exist in our closet, things just aren’t the same when this specific combo makes its way into our dirty laundry.  Ahead, check out five we’re loving right now — and soon you will be too.