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Paid Menstrual Leave? Nike did it.

In a society where we’re encouraged to hide our tampons and keep the existence of our periods as a dirty shameful little secret, it seems unheard of that a large corporation would not only acknowledge menstruation but appeal to it.

Digital Diversity: Together We Can Improve Tech for Everyone

It’s a no-brainer that technology should be informed by the audiences that use it, and that includes women, girls, and non-binary folks of all races, ages, sexual preferences, and abilities.  Coding and digital skills have become an important part of many industries, it’s not just for developers.

Women in Weed: 48North's Strategy In Bringing Cannabis To Canada

With Canada on its way to legalizing the use of marijuana, the cannabis business is prospering in popularity. Everyone wants a piece of the pie. But there are some companies that have been in the game for a while, one of those companies is 48North.

5 Mistakes Your Gynecologist Wants You To Stop Making

You're probably pretty picky when it comes to choosing your gynecologist. You likely want a gyno that's knowledgeable, attentive, and that you don't feel awkward around. Well, this might come as a surprise - your doctor has a wish list of his or her own, too.

A Moment with Cara Delevingne at the Teen Vogue Summit

We recently had the chance to sit in on a discussion with Cara and five other formidable people changing the name of the activism game at the Teen Vogue Summit in Los Angeles, California. The theme of the Teen Vogue Summit was all about celebrating and shining a spotlight on the change-makers.

Michelle Obama On Personal Branding And The Strategy Behind Becoming A Style Icon

It’s no secret that Michelle Obama has an impeccable sense of style. In her memoir, Becoming, Michelle Obama dives deeper into the strategy behind her style and how important it was for her to speak with her clothing, though what is often referred to as fashion diplomacy.

4 Natural Ways To Deal With Period Cramps

Period cramps are a pain, and so is dealing with them! As if menstruating weren’t enough of a bother, many who suffer through Mother Nature’s monthly gift are also blessed with cramps that make you ache to your bones. Here 4 ways to naturally deal with period cramps!

Navigating Professional Development As A Women Of Colour

The question should become, what can I do with this? By simply rewording your outlook, little habits like this can be impactful on setting your sights on your future career goals. Your outlook is imperative to your career development. I’ll be providing my best practices on how to best navigate professional development.

What Is Lurking In Your Tampons?

Many people stick to the brand they were introduced to when they first started menstruating and others like me look for whatever's on sale at the drug store. It wasn't until I began digging deep into the literature about feminine hygiene products that I started to learn the truth about what is in my tampons and the secrecy around the ingredients of these products. 

Your Monthly Visitor - Understanding Cramps

It happens every single month. The irrational mood swings, the cravings, the cramps, and low and behold - your period.  After a week it's over and... it starts all over again. Here we will focus on period cramps and some natural remedies.

The Lyoness

A moment with Emily Lyons, the President & Founder of Femme Fatale Media, the world’s largest staffing community. Emily’s journey is unconventional and interesting. Her first ever job was working on a garlic farm - for about a week - before she left (the smell lingered, though).

Hygiene & Healthy Habits For Your Lady Parts

For so many, their vagina is a source of embarrassment. There is shame & vulnerability about the way it looks or smells and many block themselves from true intimacy and loving this beautiful part of womanhood. Let’s start opening up more conversations about vaginas. We need to learn about and love our vaginas!

Do You Really Need "Organic" Tampons?

It seems like every few weeks there is a new buzzword in the health world. Kale, kombucha, dry brushing, we can’t keep up. But when its comes to menstrual health, how much do you really know about the object you put into your vagina each month?

Meet The Lady Behind The Ethically Made Basics Label, FRANC

Meet Brandy. Founder of sustainable, ethical, and Toronto based brand, FRANC. In this interview find out what she values, how she started her business, and what makes sustainable fashion important to her and her brand.