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Cannabis and Women's Sexual Health | HIGHTEA Podcast Ep. 16

Republished with permission from HIGHTEA an Evio Community Partner   Is there a connection between cannabis and women's sexual health? Is...

Vanessa Vakharia: Founder of The Math Guru

Vanessa is the founder of The Math Guru, a program that provides a space for students to look at math & science from a different perspective.

Sarah Phelps: Life In Vivid Colours

It takes guts to make art and put it out there for people to see. It takes raw courage to make a living doing it. That why I love Sarah. She's my go-to girl for conversations about what it’s like to be a full-time artist and how important it is to believe in yourself, your art and your talent. 

Michelle Laratta: Founder of Big Ass Piñata

With a business called Big Ass Piñata, it shouldn’t be surprising that Michelle Laratta has a big (ass) personality. Looking at her journey to becoming the entrepreneur she is today, it certainly has served her well.

Michelle Obama On Personal Branding And The Strategy Behind Becoming A Style Icon

It’s no secret that Michelle Obama has an impeccable sense of style. In her memoir, Becoming, Michelle Obama dives deeper into the strategy behind her style and how important it was for her to speak with her clothing, though what is often referred to as fashion diplomacy.

Carly Maclsaac: Actress + Author of One Thousand Matches

An interview with Carly Maclsaac, Actress and Author of one thousand matches.

Chief Lady Bird & Aura Last: Sisterhood Through Art

Have you ever wandered through the Underpass Park at Lower River Street in Toronto? Did your jaw drop instantly as the stunning murals caught your eye?  Same here.

Christine Blasey Ford: Grateful To Fulfill Her Civic Duty

Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who testified against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, is donating all of her GoFundMe earnings to survivors of sexual assault.

Where Would I Be Without Her? An Ode To Female Mentorship

Their support does not diminish my independence; however, it seeks to strengthen it.  It’s something that perhaps my male counterparts in life may not fully understand.  It leaves me wondering about the countless women in my life who have inspired me in some way; where would I be without her

Brittany Robins: Reflecting On Business, Female Empowerment & Becoming A Better Human

When it comes to leaving your 9-5 job to pursue full-time entrepreneurship, many would say that it’s certainly easier said than done. This is what made Brittany start her new venture, Flawless by Fridays.

Témi Marie Shobowale: Makeup Artist + Founder of HERDAY

An interview with Témi Marie Shobowale, a professional makeup artist and Founder of HerDay.

Sue Love & Sapna Flower: A Clinic Built Together

If you live in Toronto’s east end, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Sue Love and Sapna Flower. In 2012 they opened Restore, a naturopathic health clinic, which quickly became Leslieville's favorite.