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Krizia Francisco: Digital Health Program Consultant + PhD Engineering Student

An interview with Krizia Francisco, a Digital Health Program Consultant and PhD Engineering Student.

Snap Out Of It

Celebrities are ghosting on Snapchat. Rihanna is the latest celeb to unleash her frustrations with the app on social media. Yesterday, she posted an Instagram Story stating her disappointment with an ad that was shown on the app asking users if they’d rather “slap Rihanna” or “punch Chris Brown.”

M8 International Women’s Day Event Recap

It’s been one week since our first ever M8 International Women’s Day event. And wow, what an event, and what a feeling. We were blown away by all of your support, kindness, generosity and spirit as you came out to celebrate the accomplishments of women past, present, and future.

Jessica Watson: Creator of PonyDry

An interview with Jessica Watson, the Creator of PonyDry.

Sara Duke: Fashion Designer

An interview with Sara Duke, a Toronto based Fashion Designer.

Meghan Yuri Young: Toronto Writer + Blogger

An interview with Meghan Yuri Young, a Toronto based writer and blogger.

Meet The Lady Behind The Ethically Made Basics Label, FRANC

Meet Brandy. Founder of sustainable, ethical, and Toronto based brand, FRANC. In this interview find out what she values, how she started her business, and what makes sustainable fashion important to her and her brand.

Brandi Leifso: CEO & Founder Evio Beauty Group

An interview by Be The Next Her with Brandi Leifso, AKA our CEO and founder of Evio Beauty Group.

CBD Carrot Sunflower Pate Recipe

Meet Cannabis Feminist Lauren Unger, the force behind Hint of Greens and Rooted with Love. She has helped us see the power of our femininity and unlock our true potential. Here Lauren shares her Full Moon mantra and food as medicine recipe for CBD Carrot Sunflower Pate.