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Veteran's Way: Cannabis for the Side-Effects of Service | HIGHTEA Podcast Ep. 19

Our most powerful and most important episode yet, NEWTS in conversation with Fabian Henry, founder of Veterans for Healing: a holistic cannabis organization and methodology helping heal our Canadian brothers, sisters and their families from the traumas of having served.

Grow On: Grow Your Own (Indoor) | HIGHTEA Podcast Ep. 18

It's 420pm. Do you know where your weed's coming from? More and more cannabis lovers are exploring their own grows - the planting, tending and growing process somehow just as therapeutic for mind/body/soul as the flower medicine itself.

Grow On: Grow Your Own (Outdoor) | HIGHTEA Podcast Ep. 17

Pot provides the power to heal in our own hands - but do you know where your weed is coming from? The next revolution in the Cannabis wave is about going back to our roots; to the earth, as we grow and nurture our own maryjane medicine.

Cannabis and Women's Sexual Health | HIGHTEA Podcast Ep. 16

Republished with permission from HIGHTEA an Evio Community Partner   Is there a connection between cannabis and women's sexual health? Is...

SESH with Sarah Hanlon | HIGHTEA Podcast Ep.15

From pop culture to pot culture: NEWTS connects with cannafeminist, advocate and Big Brother Canada winner Sarah Hanlon or a proper sesh on pop culture, pot culture and everything in between. Listen up as these two talk love, life (a touch of jazz) and the latest in cannabis culture in a post-legalization Canada.

Cannabullying + Censorship with Bess Byers | HIGHTEA Podcast Ep.14

NEWTS talks to cannabis activist and creator Bess Byers about the ongoing censorship she's been experiencing with the Instagram / Social community and the importance of women's voices now more than ever.

Hempful Healing With former NHL'er Riley Cote | HIGHTEA Podcast Ep.13

NEWTS reconnects with cannabis advocate, truth-teller, and one of our favourite guests ever Riley Cote on the high spirit of cannabis plant-healing, our current cultural hypnosis and a straight-up schooling on hemp v cannabis - and how both will heal the world. Riley is a former NHL-player and founder of Athletes 4 Care, an organizing normalizing cannabis through sports. Coolest dude truly changing minds. #Listenup!

Mamajuana Sesh With The Rebel Mamas | HIGHTEA Podcast Ep.12

Newts and Michelle host Aleks and Nikita from The Rebel Mama, the mom blog & community that tells it like it is. All the ladies dive into what cannabis and motherhood look like, as well as touching on sex, stigma and more. Listen up!

Sesh OG Cannabish Natasha Raey | HIGHTEA Podcast Ep. 11

OG cannnabish Natasha Raey sits down with Newts and Michelle over a cup of Fleurs tea to discuss everything from medicinal marijuana to empowering women by helping to break stigmas surrounding sex and cannabis.

Sesh | HIGHTEA Podcast Episode 10

NEWTS and Michelle celebrate their 10th podcast episode with a proper cannabis catchup sesh: dishing on all things life, love, and legalization. Listen up as they talk about the latest cannabis news!

Third Eye High: Cannabis & Spirit 2 | HIGHTEA Podcast Ep. 9

Part two of our exploration into humans’ sacred connection to cannabis is here! Jen & Michelle talk to the amazing Sister Kate, founder of Sisters of the Valley, a coven of women who grow according to the moon cycle. Listen up!

Holy Smoke: Cannabis & Spirit 1 | HIGHTEA Podcast Ep. 9

In the first part of our spirituality episode, Jen and Michelle call on cannabis alchemist Scarlet Ravin to enlighten them on how flower can heal not just the body, but the mind and soul as well.  Part 2, coming soon!