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Sesh OG Cannabish Natasha Raey | HIGHTEA Podcast Ep. 11

OG cannnabish Natasha Raey sits down with Newts and Michelle over a cup of Fleurs tea to discuss everything from medicinal marijuana to empowering women by helping to break stigmas surrounding sex and cannabis.

Sesh | HIGHTEA Podcast Episode 10

NEWTS and Michelle celebrate their 10th podcast episode with a proper cannabis catchup sesh: dishing on all things life, love, and legalization. Listen up as they talk about the latest cannabis news!

Third Eye High: Cannabis & Spirit 2 | HIGHTEA Podcast Ep. 9

Part two of our exploration into humans’ sacred connection to cannabis is here! Jen & Michelle talk to the amazing Sister Kate, founder of Sisters of the Valley, a coven of women who grow according to the moon cycle. Listen up!

Holy Smoke: Cannabis & Spirit 1 | HIGHTEA Podcast Ep. 9

In the first part of our spirituality episode, Jen and Michelle call on cannabis alchemist Scarlet Ravin to enlighten them on how flower can heal not just the body, but the mind and soul as well.  Part 2, coming soon!

Canna Beauty | HIGHTEA Podcast Ep.8

In this week's episode, HIGHTEA dives into the world of beauty, and its new buzz-worthy ingredient: Cannabis. We talk to two women-on-the-rise who are creating go-to brands (Evio Beauty and Power Plant Apothecary!), each with their own fresh perspective. #ThatsDope

WOMEN & WEED: Branding, Marketing, Trending | HIGHTEA Podcast Ep.7

We hit up #LIFTexpo in Toronto, to confabulate on how and why brands should connect with women in this new mega category, and we laid it all out for you! *Special guest Carly Stojsic also breaks down where the trend's in cannabis will lead us in the future. The future is #CannaFeminism

Sex & Sensuali-THC | HIGHTEA Podcast Ep.6

Newts, Michelle & guest ho Elli talk pussy power, and we connect with LA-based sensuality coach Carli Jo on bringing cannabis into the bedroom.

Hey, Budtender | HIGHTEA Podcast Ep.5

A weed is just a plant whose virtues have yet to be discovered. in this episode, Newts & Michelle talk to two budtenders about everything THC, CBD, et al, and one of them goes in for their first dab.