EVIO GUIDE — Interview

A Moment with Cara Delevingne at the Teen Vogue Summit

We recently had the chance to sit in on a discussion with Cara and five other formidable people changing the name of the activism game at the Teen Vogue Summit in Los Angeles, California. The theme of the Teen Vogue Summit was all about celebrating and shining a spotlight on the change-makers.

The Lyoness

A moment with Emily Lyons, the President & Founder of Femme Fatale Media, the world’s largest staffing community. Emily’s journey is unconventional and interesting. Her first ever job was working on a garlic farm - for about a week - before she left (the smell lingered, though).

Meet The Lady Behind The Ethically Made Basics Label, FRANC

Meet Brandy. Founder of sustainable, ethical, and Toronto based brand, FRANC. In this interview find out what she values, how she started her business, and what makes sustainable fashion important to her and her brand.