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Alyssa Bertram: Founder of Easy, Organic Period Products Delivered To Your Door

Alyssa is the founder of easy. a subscription delivery service for organic cotton menstrual hygiene products.  At the early stages of launching a business, it is very personal. It’s so much a part of your life that I have to consciously remember to disconnect sometimes.

Vivian Kaye: Founder of KinkyCurlyYaki

A creative at heart, Vivian’s entrepreneurial journey began with running a wedding decor company, helping brides bring their vision to life.  However, in 2012, she found herself faced with a new creative challenge: How can I help black women show up in the world as their natural, confident selves?

Vanessa Vakharia: Founder of The Math Guru

Vanessa is the founder of The Math Guru, a program that provides a space for students to look at math & science from a different perspective.

How To Raise A Mixed Baby

In about two weeks, we’re going to have a mixed baby. Sure, it’s not so weird anymore. Mixed babies are everywhere. We celebrate the uniqueness of the Bruno Mars’ and Drake’s of the world. We squeeze their cheeks and dissect them, tell them they’re exotic and try and guess their backgrounds. Yay, mixed people.

How a Lack of Cannabis Research Inspired Entrepreneur Stephanie Karasick

Once a recreational cannabis consumer, Stephanie Karasick gave it up because she didn’t like smoking. Now, twenty years later, she has embraced vaporizing cannabis as a way to manage her anxiety and depression.

Easy Ways To Help A Friend After Pregnancy Loss

When you don’t ask someone about their miscarriage or child-loss, you make a decision for them. You decide it’s not the right time or the right place. You decide it’s too uncomfortable to discuss. You decide they should be grieving in private. You take away their choice to share their grief.

Michelle Laratta: Founder of Big Ass Piñata

With a business called Big Ass Piñata, it shouldn’t be surprising that Michelle Laratta has a big (ass) personality. Looking at her journey to becoming the entrepreneur she is today, it certainly has served her well.

How To Stay Zen During The Holiday Season

Planning the perfect holiday meal, and doing your best not to run your mouth to your opinionated family members can have you wanting to pull your hair out. To keep your physical and emotional health in check during the holiday season, here are a few ways you can find your zen in even the most stressful times.

Michelle Obama On Personal Branding And The Strategy Behind Becoming A Style Icon

It’s no secret that Michelle Obama has an impeccable sense of style. In her memoir, Becoming, Michelle Obama dives deeper into the strategy behind her style and how important it was for her to speak with her clothing, though what is often referred to as fashion diplomacy.

Carly Maclsaac: Actress + Author of One Thousand Matches

An interview with Carly Maclsaac, Actress and Author of one thousand matches.

Pregnancy Prep, What Do Doulas Do?, Take Control of Your Birth with The Birth Boss | Unapparenthood Podcast Ep.2

Aminah interviews doula and founder of Birth Boss, Rhiannon Langford to talk all things pregnancy support - support that doesn't end when pregnancy does. Whether a pregnancy ends in a loss or you have a fantastic birth, Rhiannon speaks to how important support around the birthing person is.

Christine Blasey Ford: Grateful To Fulfill Her Civic Duty

Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who testified against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, is donating all of her GoFundMe earnings to survivors of sexual assault.

Brittany Robins: Reflecting On Business, Female Empowerment & Becoming A Better Human

When it comes to leaving your 9-5 job to pursue full-time entrepreneurship, many would say that it’s certainly easier said than done. This is what made Brittany start her new venture, Flawless by Fridays.

Creator of Cadette Jewelry: Allison Asis on Following Her Calling

Allison hand makes each piece from her collection in her Toronto-based studio using traditional metalsmith techniques.  Cadette Jewelry features contemporary designs that are largely influenced by Allison's love for modern art & design, nature, and the journey of womanhood.

Témi Marie Shobowale: Makeup Artist + Founder of HERDAY

An interview with Témi Marie Shobowale, a professional makeup artist and Founder of HerDay.