Evio Community — Make Lemonade

Tennille Read: Co-Founder of Theatre Inamorata

When you don’t see what you want, you go out and create it, right? That’s exactly what Tennille Read did when she wasn’t finding the roles she wanted to play as an actress.

Devery Jacobs: Standing Up For What She Believes In

This young actress (seen starring in the current season of CTV's Cardinal, the new season of America Gods and the new Netflix Original The Order) is the queen of doing the right thing, handling lemons with grace, and standing up for what she believes in.

Andrea Anders: Dynamic Leader at Award-Winning Agency Faulhaber Communications

When the Vice President of Faulhaber Communications hangs out for a glass of lemonade, you listen up. As a dynamic leader at the award-winning agency, Andrea Anders teaches us a thing or two about turning lemons into lemonade, the art of writing birthday cards, and the perfect temperature coffee.

Farah Nasser: Co-anchor of Global Toronto

Ten years ago Farah Nasser was offered the opportunity of a lifetime, one that would have her moving to the US and anchoring a high profile job. Through an extensive career that has had her reporting globally, Farah believes it’s through “traditional media to be a voice for the voiceless.”

Josie Dye: Canadian Radio and Television Personality

Maybe you know she’s a Canadian radio and television personality. Perhaps you know her as the one who forgot the words to our national anthem at a lacrosse game. Or both. Either way, here’s the one thing you need to know for sure: she’s an incredibly fearless woman.

Sherren Lee: Taiwanese Canadian Film Director

She was named as one of The Hollywood Reporter’s 2018 Canada’s Rising Stars and her latest short film ‘The Things You Think I'm Thinking’ has won multiple awards including the Grand Jury Award for Best International Narrative Short Film at Outfest 2018

Vivian Kaye: Founder of KinkyCurlyYaki

A creative at heart, Vivian’s entrepreneurial journey began with running a wedding decor company, helping brides bring their vision to life.  However, in 2012, she found herself faced with a new creative challenge: How can I help black women show up in the world as their natural, confident selves?

Michelle Laratta: Founder of Big Ass Piñata

With a business called Big Ass Piñata, it shouldn’t be surprising that Michelle Laratta has a big (ass) personality. Looking at her journey to becoming the entrepreneur she is today, it certainly has served her well.

Brittany Robins: Reflecting On Business, Female Empowerment & Becoming A Better Human

When it comes to leaving your 9-5 job to pursue full-time entrepreneurship, many would say that it’s certainly easier said than done. This is what made Brittany start her new venture, Flawless by Fridays.

Jacqueline Leung: Founder + Editor In Chief of Pressed

Jacqueline’s story is the perfect reminder that no matter what hurdles (or lemons!) come our way, things will always work themselves out as long as you remain confident, resilient and, of course, willing to do the work.

Liz Worth: Award-Winning Tarot Reader + Astrologer + Author

For the last several years, this award-winning tarot reader, astrologer and author has been giving people the insight they need to seize their future...but it all started with Liz choosing to seize her own.

Bailey Parnell: A Woman On A Mission

One of Canada's top 100 most powerful women. TEDx speaker. Marketer of the year. Young female entrepreneur of the year. Just by looking at a few of Bailey Parnell's accolades, there’s no question that she’s a woman on a mission.