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How to Stay Focused

If you find you simply don’t have enough energy to get your work done on a daily basis, please consult your GP to rule out any medical issues that may be impacting your energy levels and attention span. If all is well medically here are 7 ways to get the most out of your day.

A Hot Bath Is Better For Treating Depression Than Exercise

With the cold, dark days of winter just weeks away, those of us with seasonal or any other kind of depression tend to struggle more than anyone else.  So why might bath time be better at treating depression than gym time? Researchers believe it has to do with circadian rhythm...

Tending To Here And Now

Sometimes in life, it’s not about the big changes. For most of us, we see these in the distant future. They are in front of mind and we are subtly striving for or hoping for most of the time. The thing is, constant striving toward these larger goals actually delays your happiness and replaces it with anxiety.

Why People With Anxiety May Want To Order Extra Pickles

Anxiety can be tough to deal with, but there are ways to get through it. Breathing exercises, spa retreats, staying away from caffeine and alcohol—those are all great ways to feel better. But if all else fails, maybe you should eat a pickle.

How Gender-Based Violence Impacts Mental Health

There is no question: violence affects mental health. In fact, the world health organization and the Public Health Agency of Canada have both recognized gender-based violence as a significant public health issue.

Sugar Cravings: What Happens When That Hotline Blings?

Why do we get sugar cravings, and more importantly, what does it mean about our health when we get sugar cravings? Find out the #1 reason you are getting these sugar cravings and how to curb them!