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The Scientific Reason You Feel "Hangry"

But is being hangry a real thing? MacCormack and her colleagues did a series of experiments and found that being in a stressful situation and not being in tune with your emotions can trigger a person to cross the line from hungry to hangry.

Why You're Always Tired, According To Experts

Do you feel tired all the time but don't know why? The obvious answer is a lack of sleep, but that's not the only thing that could be making you feel tired. There's plenty of reasons that you could be feeling sluggish throughout your days. Here are some of the reasons, according to the experts. 

If You Get Migraines, You Need To Try This Natural Remedy

More than a bad headache – it’s an entire sensory experience involving vision changes, body numbness & nausea. A migraine keeps you from functioning to the point where all you can do is wait for it to go away.  What if something could actually help with your migraines?

Why The Coconut Oil Trend Just Won’t Die

At the dawn of the wellness revolution, coconut oil's reign seemed unstoppable. Coconut oil wasn’t just a product, it was a lifestyle. We had 99 problems and coconut oil solved about 86 of them. Life was simple – there was just one oil that did it all. Then, miracle ingredients started running rampant.

This Bad Habit Might Give You Throat Cancer

Called Tannerella forsythia and Porphyromonas gingivalis, these two types of bacteria are also linked to gum disease...These bacteria can build up in your gums when you don't brush regularly, increasing your odds of developing periodontal disease.

Why You Need To Use A Tongue Scraper Every Day

Thought brushing and flossing daily was enough to maintain a healthy mouth? Nope. According to dental research, tongue scraping is an essential part of your daily routine that will give you the healthiest mouth possible. If you've never heard of tongue scraping

The Major Difference Between Stress And Anxiety

A big presentation at work, your traffic-filled commute, an upcoming move - these can all be sources of stress that can cause your cortisol levels, or "stress hormone", to spike.   This is when you'll experiences the symptoms of stress - sweaty palms, racing heart, chest pain, to name a few.

This Bad Habit Is Making You Less Confident And Energetic

directly causes serious problems like clinical depression and anxiety, a number of studies have suggested that it may worsen the symptoms of these disorders. They suggest that even if you have good mental health, sitting and standing up straighter can still make you happier and healthier.

5 Reasons To Try An Outdoor Gym

Like a playground, but better. Here's why you should give outdoor fitness a go...Exercising outdoors comes with a range of physical and mental health benefits including increased energy and decreased levels of stress, confusion and depression

Why You Need SPF 50 Sunscreen, According To Dermatologists

Nowadays, dermatologists recommend using at least SPF 50 if you’re spending time outside.  Wearing sun protection is so important. Using sunscreen prevents premature aging and wrinkles caused by UV rays (score!), but more importantly, it will help prevent skin cancer.

The Oil Dakota Johnson Uses To Fall Asleep While Traveling

Actress Dakota Johnson is travelling *all* the time - you know, thanks to that crazy "Fifty Shades of Grey" schedule. But unfortunately for someone that's is constantly on a plane, Johnson had a horrible time getting any shut-eye - until this oil came in the picture.

This Is How Much Bacteria The Average Makeup Tester Has

How can you purchase makeup if you can't test how it will look on you? It's not convenient in the slightest, but once you find out how much bacteria is on those makeup testers, you'll run as far away from them as you can.