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Sara Moncrieff: A Journey Through Self Love

If you walked into a room filled with strangers, chances are you would gravitate towards Sara Moncrieff. She has a very special type of energy that if you walked into a room filled with strangers, chances are you would gravitate towards Sara. In this interview, she talks about her powerful journey through self love.

Sarah Phelps: Life In Vivid Colours

It takes guts to make art and put it out there for people to see. It takes raw courage to make a living doing it. That why I love Sarah. She's my go-to girl for conversations about what it’s like to be a full-time artist and how important it is to believe in yourself, your art and your talent. 

Chief Lady Bird & Aura Last: Sisterhood Through Art

Have you ever wandered through the Underpass Park at Lower River Street in Toronto? Did your jaw drop instantly as the stunning murals caught your eye?  Same here.

Sue Love & Sapna Flower: A Clinic Built Together

If you live in Toronto’s east end, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Sue Love and Sapna Flower. In 2012 they opened Restore, a naturopathic health clinic, which quickly became Leslieville's favorite.

Emily McInnes: Let's Talk Teaching

Teachers don’t get enough credit or recognition. Period. It’s not an easy career path and your successes and rewards are measured in… well, not in cash. But teachers play a key part in our lives. They influence who we are - they shape us.

Saadia Muzaffar: Creating Change for Girls

During Saadia's childhood she was often told that she was 'too much.' She wasn't. She was just curious. And that curiosity unravelled into answering the question, "why can't girls do this?" The answer has always been: they can.

Rachelle Saevil: Inspire, Create, Innovate

“Work from anywhere!”, “Make money while you sleep”. For most of us, these are bullshit catch phases you see on Facebook banner ads. Then there’s Rachelle.

Suzanne Barr: Chef + Creator

Once a successful producer at MTV in New York City, Suzanne decided to drop it all and go for the dream. She went to culinary school, moved to a different country and opened up a hip little diner.  Spoiler alert, it’s unbelievable and the food critics agree.