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World Environment Day: Allbirds Goes Carbon Neutral

In case you didn’t hear, it’s World Environment Day and the American brand, Allbirds, is making a major internal change. They have just announced that they are going 100% carbon neutral thanks to the Allbirds Carbon Fund.

5 Hard and Fast Rules of Sustainable and Ethical Fashion

FRANC is built on the fundamentals of designing and producing ethical and sustainable fashion, they help form our values that go beyond the design and production that are equally as important.  We can't speak for everyone, but for us, at FRANC we have 5 hard and fast rules, the things we value most that keep us on the ethical and sustainable road without waver.

Fall Fashion + Sustainability

Ah, Summer 2018 — we hardly knew ye. Fall is upon us and the temperatures are dropping, but, on the bright side, the past few months were filled with progress in the world of fashion, beauty and sustainability. Below is a reading list of all of the season’s news highlights.

Kathryn McNally: Founder of Canadian Brand Poppys Collection

I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur – even when I was a little girl, I dreamt of opening up the largest department store in Toronto.  I really love developing partnerships with other female entrepreneurs/artisans and providing them with a platform to share their amazing talents.

Why You Should Own A Pair Of Outland Denim Jeans In 2018

Going beyond sustainable fashion, this Australian brand is providing hope for women in Cambodia and beyond.  Bartle launched Outland Denim just over one year ago, after five-plus years of preparation, including setting up a factory in Cambodia that employs women who were trafficked.

5 Eco-Conscious Fitness Brands You Need On Your Radar

We all have that one yoga pants and sports bra combo that’s our go-to. No matter how many other options exist in our closet, things just aren’t the same when this specific combo makes its way into our dirty laundry.  Ahead, check out five we’re loving right now — and soon you will be too.

Meet The Lady Behind The Ethically Made Basics Label, FRANC

Meet Brandy. Founder of sustainable, ethical, and Toronto based brand, FRANC. In this interview find out what she values, how she started her business, and what makes sustainable fashion important to her and her brand.

Why You Should Be An Outfit Repeater

It's very common to feel like we need to always take part and get in on all that latest and greatest fashion trend. But buying new isn't always the answer and definitely not for the planet. Find out why you should be an outfit repeater.