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Why Your Pregnancy Needs Meditation

I know mindfulness and meditation are buzzwords being thrown around all over the place, so I did some digging to find out what it could mean for my pregnant bod and baby. The meditation benefits are plentiful, but here are some of my favourites.

4 Empowering Poetry Books by Women To Fall in Love

We’ve rounded up five empowering poetry books by women to add to your summer reading list. Find out what new ones you don’t want to miss out on, here.

4 Fall Smoothies To Boost Your Energy Levels

Fall is here and the leaves are changing colours. But that doesn't necessarily mean you gotta stick with a basic pumpkin spice latte. Here are a few smoothie recipes to fall in love with that will also boost your energy level during this season.

What Is Lurking In Your Tampons?

Many people stick to the brand they were introduced to when they first started menstruating and others like me look for whatever's on sale at the drug store. It wasn't until I began digging deep into the literature about feminine hygiene products that I started to learn the truth about what is in my tampons and the secrecy around the ingredients of these products. 

5 Easy Ways To Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

Figure out what your essentials are and what you don't need in your home.  Do you need both a desk and a bedside table? Probably not. Excess furniture makes your home look crowded and it attracts dust - which means more cleaning for you...Environmentally-friendly bedding means environmentally-friendly mattresses, too.

Sex & Sensuali-THC | HIGHTEA Podcast Ep.6

Newts, Michelle & guest ho Elli talk pussy power, and we connect with LA-based sensuality coach Carli Jo on bringing cannabis into the bedroom.

Your Monthly Visitor - Understanding Cramps

It happens every single month. The irrational mood swings, the cravings, the cramps, and low and behold - your period.  After a week it's over and... it starts all over again. Here we will focus on period cramps and some natural remedies.

Dating A Survivor Of Sexual Violence: How To Support Your Partner

There are a lot of survivors of sexual violence in the world. This means that many relationships include at least one survivor, and it can be difficult to know what to do (or not do) to support a partner who has experienced sexual violence. Here is how you can support your partner.

Ways To Make Your Staycation Feel More Like A Vacation

While summer can be a great time to take a road trip or head for the beach, it can also be a bummer when you have vacation days to use but lack the resources to actually go anywhere...there are still plenty of ways that you can turn your time at home into a blissful summer retreat!

Is Cannabis A Safe Treatment For Postpartum Depression?

Dana* had dealt with anxiety and depression before, and in the third trimester of her second pregnancy, the low mood, self-criticism, exhaustion and despair returned. When her son was born, it got worse. This is Dana's story.

A Not So 'Easy' Period

Meet disability activist and model Rachel Romu. In this interview, Rachel spoke with Easy about menstrual health and challenging ableism in society.

7 Signs You've Found Your Perfect Job

Wondering how to find the *perfect job*? You might have already found it. Here are seven signs that will confirm your suspicious that you may have found the perfect job for you.  You don't dread coming into work. Instead, you've realized that "enjoyment" and "work" can, in fact, go hand in hand.