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The Future of Cannabis is Feminine

Republished with permission from Cannabis Feminist an Evio Community Partner




This shift is a testament to our belief that in the future there will be no "man vs. woman," just a fine and intentional dance between the masculine and feminine energies that exist in all of us. It is finally time to take a step back and ask ourselves if there is a more holistic way to define who we are, beyond "male and female," both individually and collectively. Of course, there are times when we need clear gender distinctions, but the overall segregation between genders no longer serves our society. Instead of focusing on the differences between man and woman, we can recognize the conflicting yet complimentary energies within both man and woman, and move towards a future where we ALL feel comfortable expressing ourselves as humans first.  

As an aspiring female entrepreneur with natural "girly tendencies," I have struggled most of my life to achieve a sense of "healthy" gender balance. My maternal instincts have certainly helped nurture friendships and personal relationships, but in business, I have noticed an obvious blind spot. 

At Harvard Business School, a male student investor once told me: "Your body language is too girly. You need to be more professional. Maybe practice in front of a mirror?" 

His advice felt like a slap in the face, only because it made me realize the extent to which our gender distinctions have been misguided. Just because men have dominated the business world does not mean that there is no space for a more feminine approach. Being girly and being professional are not mutually exclusive. And you don't have to be a girl to be girly. 

In the same way, boys are taught to suppress their feminine energy at such a young age that it is nearly impossible to get it back. It's not fair, effective, or progressive.



Imagine a world where you are born you, free to play with dolls or trucks and wear blue clothes or pink clothes regardless of who you are, free to cry and scream and express yourself as you, free to be soft or aggressive or both in the classroom, in business and at home, surrounded by people who openly share their emotions, unafraid of judgement that "you're too girly" or "you're not girly enough." Imagine a world where children can take the critical time to figure out who they are before they are defined by someone else. Now let's create that world together. 

On this International Women's Day, let's set the tone for future generational cohesion and peace by focusing on the beauty that binds us, the feminine and masculine energies in all of us. 

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