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This Is How Much Bacteria The Average Makeup Tester Has

Republished with permission from Musely an Evio Community Partner


You walk into a beauty store, spot a new gorgeous lipstick shade that you just *need* to try on to see if it looks as good on you as you imagined - but you know better. You've heard time and time again that testing makeup in the store is a HUGE no-no. And it's unfortunate, right? How can you purchase makeup if you can't test how it will look on you? It's not convenient in the slightest, but once you find out how much bacteria is on those makeup testers, you'll run as far away from them as you can. 

Sitejabber shared with Popsugar that the average beauty-tester has almost 200 times the bacteria of the average toilet seat. In fact, the germiest products are eyeliners, which have over 98,000 colony-forming units (CFU) or bacteria per square container. To put it in perspective, most toilet seats have around 27 CFU> Yup. It's that bad. 

And if for some reason you considered applying testing out mascara in-store, I strongly encourage you to reconsider. According to Sitejabber, tester mascaras are dirtier than a pet toy, which has 32,000 CFU. It doesn't help that both eyeliner and mascara are products used on your eyes, which is a sensitive area prone to picking up bacterial infections such as conjunctivitis. 

Please don't let yourself catch a virus from testing makeup products and remember to always use sanitary testing methods. Makeup artist Elle Leary recommends carrying a mini bottle of rubbing alcohol with you, or use one in the store. With lipstick Leary says, "Spray it on the lipstick itself, and on a tissue, then gently wipe off the product Then, ask for a small plastic spatula to take off a little of the lipstick and apply it." Before trying any blushes or powder shadows, Leary recommends spraying a small amount directly on the color, then wiping the top with a tissue. As for eyeliners and lipliners, you should be okay swatching the products on your hand if they have been freshly-sharpened, but if not, find a sharpener and give the pencil a few twists to slough off the exposed layer.

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