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Weed The North: Cannabis Legalization Day In Canada

Republished with permission from Pressed News an Evio Community Partner



Today is a big day for Canadians - it’s cannabis legalization day in Canada, just one of two countries in the world to go green. Still confused about the rules? We made you a cheat sheet with all the dos, don'ts, hows, and whys. Under the Cannabis Act, each province and territory had to set its own rules - legal age and legal places - to sell, buy, and consume weed. And yesterday, just a few hours before the clock struck weed, the government announced that they will pardon (remove a criminal record for) Canadians convicted of possession of 30 grams of pot or less. Reminder: until yesterday, consuming, selling, and buying pot was illegal; possession of cannabis got you six months in jail or a $1,000 fine. Starting today, anyone previously convicted of possession will be eligible for a pardon but will have to apply for one. Even though cannabis is now legal, make sure you check all the rules. Airlines like Air Canada and Westjet announced a zero-tolerance policy for their pilots and employees, i.e. no flying high in the sky.

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