Wellness Junkies Share How They Fight Their Worst PMS Symptoms

Wellness Junkies Share How They Fight Their Worst PMS Symptoms

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The Thirty Wellness Club is a Facebook group designed for a "community for anyone seeking a no-nonsense approach to healthy living." Members of The Thirty Wellness Club have daily discussions about wellness and healthy lifestyles. When one user expressed her frustration with her monthly period and her struggle with PMS symptoms, The Thirty Wellness Club didn't hesitate to offer their own advice. Here are 7 ways these wellness experts relieve their PMS symptoms. 


"Banana smoothies with cacao - frozen banana, almond milk, & raw cacao powder. Bananas and cacao are suppose to help with cramps and feeling bloated, plus it's cold and easy to eat and drink." 
- Jenny


"Take lots and lots of omega-3s. I never have cramps unless I go off taking them daily for awhile. And by lots I mean all the time! Start out small in terms of daily intake and gradually work your way up to its suggested dose (I got mega bloated when I tried to add them in all at once). Your skin, body and brain will thank you."
- Em



"Sound healing or sound meditation and massages."
- Tracy



"Lots of exercise. Belly dancing especially helps a lot. I know it sounds like something you definitely DON'T have the energy for, but it really really gets rid of cramps."
- Colomba



"I take CBD oil. CBD provides hormonal balancing effects for women with PMS symptoms."
- Kimberly



"I've had a lot of luck with evening primrose oil and maca - both were recommended to me by my (brilliant) acupuncturist in Brooklyn. I take one capsule of primrose oil every evening during the second half of my cycle (the two weeks leading up to my period) and it usually helps with pain and cramping!
- Victori



"Calcium Magnesium supplements - I drink the powder that you dissolve in hot liquid. I like the 'Calm' brand. Calcium and magnesium deficiency can make muscles tense, so when you get your period, the muscles in the uterus are contracting to expel the uterine lining, and they are tense, and more painful. Taking the supplements will relax that painful crampy feeling naturally." 
- Callie



"Dandelion tea helps me immensely! It fights PMS symptoms such as bloating, water retention, swollen breasts, muscle spasms, acne, anemia and inflammation."
- Isabel



"I crave chocolate. I've read this is related to magnesium deficiencies. So I make a cacao protein smoothie to keep my chocolate habit in check without feeling deprived. It's 8oz cashew milk, 1 scoop chocolate protein powder, 1 tablespoon cacao powder and 1/2 a frozen banana."
- Tahera