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What Is A Mother Plant?

Republished with permission from Aurora an Evio Community Partner



In cannabis cultivation, the most common practice for growing multiple plants involves clones rather than seeds. It might sound complicated, but it’s actually a fairly straightforward process. Using a mother plant is faster and more economical, and ensures that all plants grow at the same rate. When you’re in the cannabis game, growing clones that mature at a similar time offers an obvious advantage. For that reason Aurora takes great care in selecting only ideal mother plants.

A mother plant, occasionally called a parent plant, is a healthy, adult, female cannabis plant from which clones can be created using cuttings. Mother plants are most often seed plants, chosen because of certain desirable qualities – those all depend, of course, on what kind of cannabis plant the grower is trying to clone. Examples of traits you might want to clone include high THC or CBD content, a particular terpene profile, certain unique physical characteristics, a high yield, and more.

At Aurora, we carefully choose mother plants that will produce crafted, select strains of the highest quality. That’s why we always start off by spending time perfecting the genetics of our mother plants, and why we have multiple cultivation rooms dedicated to ensuring they get everything they need.

Once a mother plant has been selected, the cloning process begins. This involves removing live branches from the mother plant to root as cuttings. Think of it as a minor surgery – our growers need to move quickly but accurately using the right tools. Once the clone is rooted properly, it will grow into an adult plant with the exact same genetics as the mother plant. You know what they say: sooner or later, we all become our parents…

In this spirit, we want to wish all moms a very happy mother’s day! Don’t forget to pamper your mother just as much as we pamper our mother plants. They deserve it.

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