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Why The Coconut Oil Trend Just Won’t Die

Republished with permission from Musely an Evio Community Partner 



At the dawn of the wellness revolution, coconut oil's reign seemed unstoppable. Coconut oil wasn’t just a product, it was a lifestyle. We had 99 problems and coconut oil solved about 86 of them. Life was simple – there was just one oil that did it all. 

Then, miracle ingredients started running rampant. Ashwagandha. CBD. Turmeric. I wanted to try them all, yet didn’t find any benefits to justify my dwindling bank account. I started wondering if Goop & other similar companies weren’t just trying to push sales of their “why are these so effing expensive?” vitamin lines.

One day, my Vitamix finally died, groaning under the weight of pea protein. It was a very expensive nail in the coffin of trendy wellness. I realized 3 adaptogenic mix-ins with my morning chlorophyll-fortified vegan protein shake weren’t making a difference

I dumped the Vitamix & reconnected with my wellness roots. Coconut oil had always been there, and it never failed me. Skinny & Co agrees – they’re all about the coconut oil, which stars in every product they make.

I got into them because of coconut oil, of course. But in the end, I picked them over a million other coconut oil products for the care they put into their products: they use truly raw coconut oil (never heated above 100 degrees F!) & only natural ingredients (no filler crap!). The first thing I tried was their calming oil to soothe my winter skin. Gradually, my skin started to look… good. I mean, Korean drama good. 

It’s expensive, but it lasts you forever, and you can use all of these products for everything. Case in point – I use the sugar scrub before shaving, and also put it in my coffee. Seriously. It’s made with just coconut sugar, vanilla bean, and coconut oil. My skin feels as smooth as my coffee is delicious. 

TL;DR: New random wellness ingredients meh. The OG coconut oil, the best. It’s all I needed in the end.

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