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Why You Should Be An Outfit Repeater

Republished with permission from FRANC an Evio Community Partner
There is this thing that happens when you are just living your life in 2018 and being normally active on social media. We follow friends, people we love and also people and accounts that we are inspired by – pretty accounts that give us inspiration around all different parts of our lives. Those beautiful inspiring accounts often showcase a constant flow of new styles and new trends with every-single-post. It is very common to feel like we need to always take part and get in on all that latest and greatest.
When it comes to your style and your wardrobe, new, new, new isn't always better. Don't get us wrong new items are great, but knowing what works for you and your unique style is also sometimes knowing that the latest trend isn't always the greatest. Recycling/repeating what you already own and love, investing in items that have longevity and versatility can be even more gratifying than adding the latest and greatest (that won't last you long enough to repeat) into your mix.
Do you gravitate to a specific colour palette or certain style often? There is usually a good reason for probably works really great for you. Which is also a sign that you might already be an 'outfit repeater' – which in our opinion, is a fantastic thing...
Save your clothes a few washes here and there, they will thank you for lasting even longer. Plus by keeping your un-dirty clothes in the rotation rather than tossing them in the laundry straight away you are reducing your carbon footprint, even just a tiny little bit.
Why waste a good outfit if no one even saw you wear it. A good outfit is not like a good hair day, it's not a one time deal that happens magically only when you have nowhere to go (like those good hair days do). If you aren't going to see the same people, it's a whole new week – it's definitely a go for another day/week.
You wore it, it made you feel great cause you looked great in it. Now you want to wear it again and not look exactly the same as last time? Small changes in your hairstyle, accessories, even how you tucked (or didn't tuck) your top in can make a small but enough impact that your outfit will appear different.
Are you going to see any of the same people? 
IF NO = Wear It
IF YES = Fold it and wear it again, later in the week when you won't see any of the same people. Or next week when it's clean again (even if you do see the same peeps)
Did it you look great on you, the 1st time you wore it? 
IF NO = Maybe try a different combo/No
IF YES = Repeat that baby – wash, wear and repeat (forever until you're tired of it).
*get the same item in a different colour, so you can repeat the feeling but not always the exact look.
If your closet is filled with complimentary tones and versatile items that often end up looking pretty similar when paired together (unless someone is really paying attention). Well then, Bravo! You have a unique style, you know what looks good on and what makes you feel good when you wear it. And that in our opinion is something that should be repeated on the daily.
And if that is somewhere you would like your closet to be, then why not start looking at the outfits you repeat often. And begin adding items that are super versatile and timeless –  if you love something buy it in more than one colour, which is a super easy way of repeating an outfit but not having it look the same at all.

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