CAPRICORN September 2020 Horoscope

CAPRICORN September 2020 Horoscope

Capricorn, you may feel slightly confused this month when new offers come in that you maybe weren’t expecting.

I do think there is a major transformation taking place around the homefront, or whatever it is that gives you a sense of true security, but I think that’s for you to decide on FOR YOURSELF. If others are trying to sway you, don’t fall for it! There’s a better offer around the corner but only if you cut your losses and look at the glass half full. I really think you’re leaving behind things that no longer serve you, but how many times do you want to ride the same cycle??
CHRISTOPHER CORSINI is an American Sign Language Interpreter, Reiki Healer, Tarot Card Psychic, Inclusive Musician and Performance Artist, but not necessarily in that order. Through free online Energy Clearings, New & Full Moon Bi-Weekly Workshops, Monthly Tarot Card Horoscopes, Personal Card Coaching Sessions, and Inclusive Music Videos & Performance Art, he works closely with both the hearing and Deaf communities providing accessible resources that are easily digestible, spiritually insightful and accessible in both ASL English. His vision is to bring people together through community collaborations, spirituality and inclusive performance art to lead them down a path that allows them to find their TRUEST SELF while bringing diversity, inclusion and accessibility to the forefront of the discussion. His captivating performances are mind-blowing to watch, did we mention he's interpreted stadium concerts for Jay Z, Panic! @ The Disco, Jonas Brothers, and Shawn Mendes, to name a few? He's equally as beautiful on the inside as he is on the out, he's hilarious, and he's making a SERIOUSLY POSITIVE IMPACT. His knowledge is vast, his communication clear, his charisma is plenty, and his charm and attractive wit is completely UNMATCHED... he also does everything in both English AND American Sign Language, simultaneously! He's on a one way journey to change the World and there's no stopping him; he's organically grown his online following to over 12k (via Instagram and TikTok) in just under 12 months and there's no sign of that slowing down. It's time for the rest of the world, who are in desperate need of some positive, life-changing content, to hop on board, join his coined High Vibe Tribe, and let him help you help yourself!

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