4 Ways to Style Your Evio Club Sweater

We love a good sweater moment. Here are 4 easy ways to make it your own.


Crop Evio Club Sweater

The raw and edgy look of the unfinished cut makes any outfit look cool and effortless. Just take a pair of fashion scissors (regular ones will work too, just make sure they’re sharp) and get to cutting. 

PS: don’t worry if it’s not perfect, the fabric on the bottom of the sweater will naturally curl up.


Layer Evio Club Sweater

It’s getting colder and layering is the best way to elevate any outfit (and stay warm - hello, we love in Canada).

Take an oversized white collared shirt and throw the Evio Club sweater on top. On the bottom, a pair of good old (p)leather leggings & cute booties will do.


Knot Evio Club Sweater

Take the front of your sweater and either use an elastic to tie a knot or pull the sweater to create your own knot, then tuck it in to a pair of high waisted jeans.

If you want to layer and make it a little more fun, throw on a black (p)leather jacket and some crisp white runners and voila: fashion, but fun.


Off The Shoulder Evio Club Sweater

This one's a fave: is it just us or is everything cuter off the shoulder?

There is a seam right around the neck of your sweater - cut along the outside of these seam lines and that will create enough room for your sweater to be off the shoulder once you put it back on.

PRO TIP: This look is more edgy if you also cut the bottom of the sweater like we talked about in our first style of “crop it.”

It’s your 🌎 so whether you're lounging or heading out the door, style your sweater your own way.

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