A Conversation on Sizing

Republished with permission from FRANC an Evio Community Partner


This sizing conversation is hard for brands to have, not just ours. I mean it’s often a conversation (like money) that is avoided in groups of friends, so it’s no doubt that it’s one many businesses prefer not to have. We’d love to let you in on, where we started and how we always hope to be improving, like all of our personal sizes it’s an ever-evolving topic. 

When we started in 2017, we were nervous and scared to be totally FRANC. Our founder Brandy is self-funded, though she knew the fashion industry well, using money that she borrowed and pulled together from her families bank account to start a business, was an entirely different thing. She didn't know who FRANC’s customer would be (and in all honesty) if there even would be any at all. So she went and started in the smallest possible way, in all areas: the most curated lineup of styles, the smallest amount of colours possible and the tightest size range imaginable. We very quickly learned, there were tons of FRANC customers out there and we realized we needed to add to our size range as we were missing a significant portion. So that’s what we did, we acted as quickly as possible first adding XL to our range, the single most requested style. And then more recently we welcomed XXL to our fam.

We know we still have room to do better when it comes to offering inclusive sizing, there are tons of sizing caveats we would love to have in our lineup. We genuinely want to make clothes for real life, with your kind feedback, we will get there. We do base any new additions or changes 100% on your input and your requests. It's never that adding new sizes is hard or not worth it because it is 100% worth it and it is NOT hard. As a growing business (that is still owned solely and bootstrapped by Brandy) adding anything new (styles, colours, etc.) and worrying about doing it RIGHT is the scary part. Adding to a size range in any way needs to be done well, thoughtfully and with intention, it's not as swift as adding colour. A great fit in all sizes is paramount because that is above all more important than just throwing a size on a tag and calling it a day. Also due to how sizing (in all sizes) in the apparel industry has been so skewed over the years because of vanity sizing, and the lack of regulations around sizing in general. It's forever hard as a consumer to even know what a true size actually is, regardless of what your specific size is - but that's another conversation entirely, but we do feel and share your frustrations when it comes to size.

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