How do you show kindness to others?

Here at Evio, we believe in creating change through conscious, consistent actions that eventually lead to big results. The kindness of strangers, the good in choosing sustainable beauty, the importance of sourcing ingredients from trusted partners -- we can all do our part in impacting our skin, the planet and our community in a positive way.


So we are always asking our community and ourselves: how do you show kindness to others? Here’s what our friends had to say and stay tuned as we add to this growing list.

How I show kindness to others is through a helping hand, whether helping others with assignments or even just being a shoulder to cry on and being there for others to vent. -Nicolette

To show kindness to my family and friends that surround me I usually spend quality time with them! I talk to them about how they are doing and once in a while buy them sweets! Sometimes when I am in public too I will smile at someone on the street to help brighten someone’s day! Also if I genuinely like an individuals clothing or accessories I will compliment them-Carolyn

I show kindness through acknowledging people and “seeing” them as they are. Recognizing that everyone has their own stories, beauties, and values allows me to understand them better, or be inclined to want to understand them better. In this way, I recognize them as people and that we can better share the space, this earth, together. -Joie Anne

How I show kindness to others: By doing the small things! Holding the door open, being thoughtful and considerate of others. I try to remember to place myself in the other person's shoes and always know that it's better to be kind-Taryn

I believe as people we are all equal. I do whatever it takes to make everyone around me feel as comfortable as can be. You never know what someone is going through, so approaching someone with love, open ears, and open arms is my favorite way to bring peace and kindness into someones day (pun intended). -Peace

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