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Motivation To Drink More Water

This month I am challenging you to drink more water. Nothing new here, everyone knows that we should be getting at least 8 cups of water a day. Why? It's important to keep our bodies hydrated to balance your body temperature, keep the energy moving, and simply to make you feel better throughout the day.

A Conversation on Sizing

This sizing conversation is hard for brands to have, not just ours. I mean it’s often a conversation (like money) that is avoided in groups of friends, so it’s no doubt that it’s one many businesses prefer not to have. 

Paid Menstrual Leave? Nike did it.

In a society where we’re encouraged to hide our tampons and keep the existence of our periods as a dirty shameful little secret, it seems unheard of that a large corporation would not only acknowledge menstruation but appeal to it.

Shaving may be Negatively Impacting our Environment

the EPA estimates that 2 billion razors are tossed away each year.The concept behind well kept was to create a more aesthetic and environmentally friendly solution for shaving. The most sustainable solution to shaving would be to just not shave.

How to Deal With Mean Girls at Work

Mean girls are not just in the movies and they’re not just for high school. Mean girls at work are real—they’re catty, competitive women undercutting each other in the office. To spot mean girl behaviour at work, observe how...

This Is What's Really Causing Your Ponytail Headaches

You expect to feel a headache when you drink a little too much or when you have a cold, but from your ponytail? Not so much.  But ponytail headaches *are* a real thing. A 2004 study out of London found that 50 women out of a group of 93 experienced pain on their heads while wearing ponytails.

Laundry Tips For Your Favourite Clothes

Long gone are the days when your Mom was the magical laundry magician. Here are a few laundry tips to keep your favourite clothes in the best shape!