LIFESTYLE — Evio Exclusive

What Giving Tuesday means to us

Giving Tuesday has to be, by far, one of our favourite days of the year.

4 Ways to Style Your Evio Club Sweater

We love a good sweater moment and we're always in our Evio Club sweater. Here's 4 ways to mix it up.

So what exactly is Singles Day

Only the world’s biggest online shopping event. NBD.

If you’re in Canada, like us, or even the US, you may not be familiar with Singles Day. It all started in China as an anti-Valentine’s Day where students would celebrate their singleness and treat yo’self to some online shopping. 

How do you show kindness to others?

So we are always asking our community and ourselves: how do you show kindness to others? Here’s what our friends had to say and tell us in the comments how you show kindness, and stay tuned because we could be adding your response to this growing list.