What Giving Tuesday means to us

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday has to be, by far, one of our favourite days of the year!

It is amazing to see how our world can come together for the greater good of all of us through kindness. Giving Tuesday is a way of life that we live at Evio, not only on Giving Tuesday, but everyday.

This day is especially close to our hearts, because Evio Beauty was founded on the concept of "Doing the right thing, even when no on is looking". The idea being that surely, in a billion dollar industry there is room to do good. To be more than just a beauty product, but a movement of kindness to each other and the environment, that just happens to use beauty as it's tool to bring people together. With this model in place since the very start, Evio Beauty has been able to give back monetarily and through product donation to our beloved communities across Canada and the USA. Evio Beauty donates $1 of every product directly to organizations that support the underdog, including Woodgreen and The Canadian Women's Foundation.  Both are leading organization that are instrumental in fighting for equality and to support marginalized populations. We are proud to stand with them.  

Fun fact: Giving Tuesday originated about 6 years ago to kick off the season of giving and to encourage kindness.

Giving Tuesday is the ultimate opportunity to connect with others, and embrace giving and receiving with gratitude. If you're unsure how to give this Giving Tuesday, remember that giving has no judgments, it doesn't matter where you are at in your life, you have something to give because we all know, giving is about so much more than your social status. It's about KINDNESS and COMMUNITY and giving is best served authentic! Sometimes it takes money, and sometimes it's as simple as letting someone know you are there for them, by lending them an ear, or lending a hand, or simply a smile in the street. 

How are you choosing to give on this Giving Tuesday ?