#DidIMakeMyselfClear Movement for Domestic Violence Reform & Funding πŸ“

  • The Story behind the #DidIMakeMyselfClear movement:

    Our founder, Brandi Leifso started Evio in a women's shelter in 2012 (At the time, it was called Karmaface Cosmetics, and it was a very different company, but the mission was still the same; Break Stigmas with good-for-you beauty products). 

    With all of your support, Brandi's life has drastically changed, and so has the company - but we've noticed that the system and support for survivors hasn't. 

    "I kept thinking, ‘when is this going to change’ and then I realized, we’re the people who will change it!" - Brandi Leifso, Founder & CEO of EVIO. 

    That is when the award winning #DidIMakemyselfclear Lip Serum was created with the intention to heal more than just our lips and the movement began. 



    Our goal with the #DidIMakeMyselfClear movement is to get 1,000 signatures from supporters of Domestic Violence Reform & Funding. With your support, we're already 86% of the way there in just 10 days!


    It doesn't stop with the petition - That's just the beginning. We need to put pressure on policy makers to engage in a meaningful conversation to co-create a domestic violence reform plan.


    Join the movement and comment below why you support Domestic Violence Reform & Funding. 

  • Founder
    Evio Founder

    WE DID IT! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ Thank you so much to the over 1,000 supporters who signed the #DidIMakeMyselfClear Petition in support of Domestic Violence Reform! - We're excited to say that we have meetings set up next week with Dr's and researchers to better understand what they know about the current system to help inform us as we move into the next steps - co-creating a plan for long lasting change. 

    Will continue to keep you posted here! 

    - Brandi πŸ¦–

  • Founder
    Evio Founder

    A BIG WIN!✨ - But just the start of Domestic Violence Reform & Funding 

    The federal government announced on May 27th, 2022 funding to construct and repair hundreds of spaces for women and children fleeing violence.

    Housing Minister Ahmed Hussen said the government will give over $121 million to build and repair a total of 430 spaces in shelters and transitional housing.

    Advocates and front-line workers have been sounding the alarm that domestic violence has been on the rise since the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, worsening the already dire shortage of shelter beds for women and children seeking safe places to stay.

    Read the full article HERE

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