#DidIMakeMyselfClear Movement for Domestic Violence Reform & Funding ๐Ÿ“

  • The Story behind the #DidIMakeMyselfClear movement:

    Our founder, Brandi Leifso started Evio in a women's shelter in 2012 (At the time, it was called Karmaface Cosmetics, and it was a very different company, but the mission was still the same; Break Stigmas with good-for-you beauty products). 

    With all of your support, Brandi's life has drastically changed, and so has the company - but we've noticed that the system and support for survivors hasn't. 

    "I kept thinking, ‘when is this going to change’ and then I realized, we’re the people who will change it!" - Brandi Leifso, Founder & CEO of EVIO. 

    That is when the award winning #DidIMakemyselfclear Lip Serum was created with the intention to heal more than just our lips and the movement began. 



    Our goal with the #DidIMakeMyselfClear movement is to get 1,000 signatures from supporters of Domestic Violence Reform & Funding. With your support, we're already 86% of the way there in just 10 days!


    It doesn't stop with the petition - That's just the beginning. We need to put pressure on policy makers to engage in a meaningful conversation to co-create a domestic violence reform plan.


    Join the movement and comment below why you support Domestic Violence Reform & Funding. 

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